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Stolen elections have catastrophic consequences. Just look around.

From covid crimes against humanity to covid vaccine genocide to influence-peddling and money laundering to the absolute state of the economy and the war machine, Joe Biden is a stain on America. 

You have all seen the Pfizer data – the reason they wanted to suppress that data for 75 years is clear. You have all received the Biden Laptop report. It alone is enough to impeach Joe many times over. 

Joe Biden has committed the high crime of selling out the American People to China through his money-laundering operation in Ukraine and other foreign nations. Among the many other crimes, of course. 

When President Trump was elected (despite the establishment election rigging), you fabricated crimes and engaged in FOUR YEARS of investigations and multiple impeachments – at OUR expense. We don’t need that. We simply need the newly elected Congress to impeach and remove Biden so we can prosecute the already investigated and meticulously documented crimes. 

The time for investigations is over. It’s time for accountability.