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Out here in flyover country, the American People think a lot about the oath of office. Our entire experiment in self-government is based on that oath. The only reason that elected officials have any power, oversight or access is because of that oath. The only reason the American people fund the government at all is the public trust placed on the sacred oath of office.

Last week, during an explosive joint committee hearing on Arizona elections, a three hundred page briefing as well as an appendix with supporting evidence comprising an additional 550+ pages was presented to Arizona state legislators. The reception was mixed – some of the legislators were stunned and receptive. Others appeared panicked and sought to immediately shut the presentation down. 

The reactions of the committee members are important because of the substance of the briefing. The investigation, led by Attorney John Thaler, Esq. and presented last week by Insurance and Financial Accounting expert Jacqueline Breger, alleges a massive criminal conspiracy implicating elected and appointed officials in multiple states. 

Thaler and Breger allege that their three plus year investigation exposes a racketeering enterprise with influence operations, bankruptcy fraud, public corruption, and a sophisticated real-estate money laundering operation. Through this operation, the Sinaloa Cartel is allegedly capturing and operating our governments – from city and county employees with the responsibility for filing paperwork and updating official databases to elected city, county and state officials / legislators / judges / and more.  

The US intelligence community considers the Sinaloa Cartel to be the largest and most powerful drug trafficking organization in the world. But the objective of the cartel is not to traffick drugs; it’s to make money and amass power. 

If true, this story is not about public officials being bribed by a drug cartel. It’s about members of the drug cartel assuming public office. For example, the allegations made against illegitimate Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs claim that Hobbs was identified and captured by the cartel when she was at a non-profit in the early 2000s – before she ever ran for office. The allegation is that Hobbs was groomed by the Cartel for her current role. 

“If one were to guess, and this is just a guess, Emerge Arizona seems to have been formed as a medium to attract women interested in politics and bribe them through the property scheme to adopt positions of power and/or further the goals and objectives of the Cartel.”  - Presentation by Jacqueline S Breger, MBA, Lead Investigator, Page 9.

If this is true, Hobbs is not just a corrupted public official accepting bribes – she is a 20+ member of the Sinaloa Cartel. How silly, then, to believe that Hobbs’ taking an oath means anything at all. 

At this moment, the American People are watching elected officials’ responses to this story. As your constituent, I’d like to know what you are doing to validate or dispute these allegations – which, again, cross state lines and  thus fall under your jurisdiction. 

Will you use every power afforded to you in your office to find the truth and demand accountability? What does the oath mean to you?