Trump WILL WIN This Year! But We Have to Show Up! Congress Must Restore Him To the Primary Ballots & Ban the Machines! 
We end this week calling for the redress of our most important and dire grievance – the continued political persecution of Trump, aiming to remove him from primary ballots, and the use of cheating voting machines and mail-in ballots, which have transformed our elections into a mere selection. Congress must prioritize these two issues for the sake of our elections and nation; their integrity must be restored! Congress, demand the banning of mail-in ballots and voting machines, and halt all efforts to remove the people's chosen candidate, Donald J. Trump, from the primary ballot!
In December 2023, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled Trump ineligible for the presidency, citing their interpretation of the 14th Amendment, which deems those inciting insurrections ineligible to serve as president. This ruling was a significant blow to the American people, a gross misrepresentation of the 14th amendment, a political attack, and frankly, untrue. Donald Trump has never incited an insurrection and has NEVER been charged with insurrection. The removal of Donald Trump from the Colorado primary ballot was merely a tactic to silence the people's voice and set the stage for another selection, not an election.
The Supreme Court will determine the applicability of the 14th Amendment in this situation on February 8th. Their ruling will shape our elections and decide whether the people's voice will be stripped from them.
Fortunately, some members of Congress retain sanity. Ted Cruz and Steve Scalise are submitting an Amicus Curiae Brief to the US Supreme Court in support of President Donald Trump in the Colorado case. Currently, 177 members of Congress have signed. We, the people, must demand that ALL members of Congress sign this brief. Our elections are our voice, and removing a top candidate means silencing us! Sign this brief!
Furthermore, to restore integrity to our elections and nation, Congress must persist in demanding and actively working toward the removal of mail-in ballots and voting machines. They must revert our electoral process to its former state: same-day voting, with proof of ID, on hand-counted paper ballots at the precinct level!
Congress must immediately address the integrity of our elections! The American people's voice must be heard! Without an accurate election, we cannot consent, redress our grievances, and our rights are virtually meaningless. We, the people, elect our Congress members to represent us; we pay their salary, so they better WORK! Sign the brief! Let's get Trump back on ALL primary ballots and stop the attempts to remove him! And let's see our elections and nation's integrity restored: ban mail-in ballots & voting machines!