As we reported in October, Representative James Comer (R-KY), who is in line to be the chair of the House Oversight and Reform Committee when Republicans reclaim the House on Tuesday, has promised to investigate the Biden Crime Family.

“The reason we’re investigating Hunter Biden is because we believe he’s compromised Joe Biden,” Comer told reporters in September.

To be fair, Joe Biden appears to have taken his crack addicted son, fixed his teeth, and put him in a position to commit treason on his behalf, but Comer will get there eventually. No one needed to compromise Joe Biden. He’s been involved in scandal after scandal since he threatened Corn Pop with a chain in the days before color television.

Hunter did the American People a solid by abandoning his laptop at a Delaware repair shop. The federal government – incumbents and the swampy bureaucracy they swim in – have had the laptop for years. Despite the 459 crimes, minimum, that are enshrined on the laptop, the current federal government allowed the criminally compromised dementia patient to assume the Presidency of the United States of America. 

This issue is important to the American People. In a poll of 1,000 US voters conducted by Rasmussen Reports in September, 63% believe the crimes on the laptop are important. This is in line with the 68% of voters that, according to the New York Times, believe government corruption is the biggest issue facing the American People. 

The New York Post exposed the Hunter Biden Laptop before the 2020 election, but it wasn’t until March of 2022 that the New York Times quietly confirmed its legitimacy. You all remember how the intelligence community and media aligned to call it Russian disinformation? According to the Post, that would have changed the outcome of that election:

“Nearly four of five Americans who’ve been following the Hunter Biden laptop scandal believe that ‘truthful’ coverage would have changed the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, according to a new poll…An even higher number — 81% — said US Attorney General Merrick Garland should appoint a special counsel to investigate matters related to the first son’s infamous laptop.”

In October, Marco Polo Research Group released a 603-page report detailing 459 violations of state and federal laws, and on October 21 the report was sent to all 535 members of Congress as well as all US Attorneys with jurisdiction for the specific crimes. 

That was over two weeks ago. If you see your legislators or candidates on the campaign trail in these last few days, be sure to ask them if they’ve read the report and what they plan to do about it. 

This is the moment we demand that the law be applied equally to the powerful and the plain. Equally, not equitably, or the law or the law means nothing. 

Here is today’s letter to congress.


It’s been more than two weeks since you received Marco Polo’s Biden Laptop Report, which catalogs the 459 crimes on Hunter Biden’s abandoned Laptop. 

Have you read it? What are you planning to do about these crimes, influence-peddling, criminal corruption, and possible treason?

It’s not just Hunter. It’s James and Jill and Joe, and many others, who comprise a criminal influence operation funded by the American taxpayer. Foreign policy for profit. 

According to Rasmussen, 63% of US voters believe the 459 crimes on the laptop are important, and the New York Times published polling in October that found 68% of voters believe government corruption is the greatest threat to democracy. 

As you finish up the last few days of campaigning, know this: The American People expect an independent, comprehensive investigation of these crimes, and we expect accountability. 

You have set a bar for investigations and prosecutions with President Trump. You have torn through every aspect of his life and family and business in pursuit of a crime (which is a violation of your oath, by the way). 

The congressional approval rating is hovering in the low 20s. You do not have the mandate of the people for anything other than your Constitutionally prescribed responsibilities. Protecting Americans from enemies foreign and domestic is one of those responsibilities.

Joe Biden and his criminal enterprise, enshrined on the laptop and cataloged in the report, are a domestic enemy and a national security threat. You know it. We know it. You know we know it. 

If you care about our nation and want to restore public trust and confidence, you cannot allow the alleged chief executive of the United States of America and his family to get away with these crimes. 

DEMAND FOR REMEDY: If you manage to win reelection, the first, mandated responsibility is to investigate, impeach, and remove Joe Biden. 

That is a big if, considering that Congress is less popular than Biden and Americans are fed up with the status quo. Regardless, it’s time for accountability in America.

Are you on the side of your constituents or on the side of the corruption? 

Remember your oath.