Over the weekend, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed an executive order turning the November election into a mail-in election. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo did something similar, authorizing the state to send our absentee ballot applications to every registered voter. Last week alone, these two governors' signatures just extended vote-by-mail to 15% of all Americans.

There is no medical reason to jump to mail-in voting. When Wisconsin held its in-person primary election in April, Leftists warned there would be a spike in coronavirus cases. Now that we are past the 14-day incubation period, we know that there was no spike in Wisconsin. Voting in person did NOT lead to an increase in coronavirus cases.

Democrats aren't doing this to keep people safe. They want to steal the election!

But here is the thing. While Cuomo and Newsom issued their executive orders, neither can afford the 'cheat-by-mail' programs that they just created. They say they need Federal funding to make it happen. And Nancy Pelosi is promising to give it to them this week!

Don't let the GOP cave and help the Dems steal the election! Please, join the fight right now and tell Congress that any Republican or Democrat who dares vote for this vote-by-mail scheme will be removed from office!

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are calling it the Phase Four stimulus bill. They have loaded it to the brim with Democrat pet projects, including bailout funding for illegal aliens and environmental crackdowns taken right out of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal. Democrats are even advancing a provision called Universal Basic Income: giving all Americans a check from the government, simply because they exist...

But the heart of Nancy Pelosi's Phase Four package is her Vote-By-Mail legislation. Pelosi's proposal has three main parts.

First, obviously, Pelosi's plan would mandate that states adopt vote-by-mail in time for the 2020 November election. The Democrats are floating a couple of different ways to accomplish this, but one proposal would cut all Federal election funds unless states agree to the Left's demands. Pelosi wants all states to send vote-by-mail ballots to every registered voter in their system, a proposal that would guarantee the ballots would fall into the wrong hands and be fraudulently cast. With tens of millions of ineligible voters on the rolls, it would be suicide to send them all ballots. But that is by design...

The second part of Pelosi's plan is to bail out the US Postal Service. Understandably, she knows can't implement vote-by-mail if the Post Office goes bankrupt between now and November. And while that would be devastating for the country, it would be equally catastrophic to simply bailout the Post Office without addressing the out-of-control pensions that brought it to the brink of bankruptcy to begin with... Make no mistake: a no-strings-attached bailout for the Postal Service is nothing but a bailout for the unions...

But the third part of Pelosi's vote-by-mail plan is perhaps the most sinister of all. We learned last month that since 2012, the US Postal Service has lost more than 28 million ballots. Those are 28 million votes that, as the statistics show, never got counted. Considering that it is common for elections to be decided by just a couple thousand votes, that alone should be reason to kill Pelosi's scheme. But the Left says they have a solution: ballot harvesting.

"Ballot harvesting" allows political organizations to pay people to go door-to-door to collect voters' ballots. Ballot harvesters are allowed to help voters fill out their ballots and even encourage them who to vote for. If political activists tried this in a polling place, they'd be arrested for voter intimidation.

Once the ballot is filled out, it is given to a ballot harvester, who is then entrusted to turn it in on the voter's behalf. If the activist likes who the person voted for, then they obviously turn the ballot in. But if the ballot harvester doesn't like who the voter voted for, then expect the ballot to simply go missing... Ballot harvesting is nothing but legalized fraud, and the Left is pushing for a nationwide roll-out in time for the election.

This is Nancy Pelosi's three part plan to steal the November election. Democrats are saying this is non-negotiable and we are already seeing GOP cowards like Mitt Romney beginning to cave...

Pelosi knows that it is now or never. That is why the Speaker of the House is pushing to hold a vote this week! She knows that if she can push this through, the Left can steal the 2020 election.

Stop Pelosi's vote-by-mail proposal from passing! Please, join the fight right now and tell Congress that any Republican or Democrat who dares vote for this vote-by-mail scheme will be removed from office!

It is true that people have been voting by absentee ballot around the country for years. For disabled voters and people who travel frequently, absentee ballots can be a lifesaver.

But the system was never designed to accommodate all voters and rolling out nationwide mail-in-voting just 6 months before a Presidential election would guarantee fraud and abuse. That is what the Democrats want. Instead of trying to make the election more secure, the Left wants to open the flood gates for fraud.

This is Pelosi's top demand. She believes that she can force the GOP to cave and approve nationwide mail-in voting. The fact that states like California and New York are already creating their mail-in voting system shows that they expect Pelosi's bill to pass and fund it for them...

As I said, the GOP is already starting to buckle. We are seeing cowards like Romney beginning to bow to Pelosi's demands. The Left wants to force a vote this week. If they win, it's all over.

That is why it is so important for you to fight back right now! 

Please, you must send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and help us KILL Pelosi's vote-by-mail scheme before it's too late!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily