Yesterday, we covered how Nancy Pelosi is trying to sneak the biggest amnesty bill into her new stimulus package, which she is calling the Heroes Act. That's right, Nancy Pelosi wants to give illegal aliens bonuses, bailouts, and complete amnesty because she views them as "heroes."

But that isn't all she is trying to sneak into the bill. Pelosi has also added the Left's biggest wish-list item to her package: mail-in voting and ballot harvesting.

That's right, the Left's plan to steal the 2020 election is in the bill. And Congress is voting on it TOMORROW!

Don't let Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats steal the election! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and KILL the so-called "Heroes Act" before it's too late!

We have been reporting on this from the beginning and we got it 100% right. Nancy Pelosi's stimulus bill includes all of the provisions we warned that it would.

First, the bill would force states to add more early voting days to the calendar. Even states that already allow for weeks of early voting would be required to add more. This is nothing but a naked attempt to increase Democrat voter turnout.

The bill would also force states to adopt what Democrats are calling "universal mail-in voting."  Every state would be required to allow voters to vote by mail, no matter what. Experts have warned that this will lead to unprecedented voter fraud. There are simply too many ineligible voters on the voter rolls.

Nancy Pelosi doesn't care. Not only does her Heroes Act mandate that states shift to vote-by-mail, but the bill would also make it illegal for states to verify voters' identities. That's right: the bill would prohibit states from requiring people to show voter ID before applying for a mail-in ballot. Pelosi's legislation requires states to send mail-in ballots out with ZERO identity verification measures.

And it gets worse: The Heroes Act would also prohibit states from requiring notarized or witness signatures on mail-in ballots. So, not only would it be illegal for states to require Voter ID, but it would also be illegal for states to force a witness to verify the voter's identity.

The only reason Pelosi added these provisions to the bill was to make the election as unsecure as possible...

And here is the worst part: the bill includes a requirement that all 50 states must allow ballot harvesting. Ballot harvesting is where paid political activists go door-to-door, tell people how to vote, and then collect the ballot to turn in on their behalf. Ballot harvesting has already been linked to voter fraud and attempts to steal elections. Pelosi's bill does this by requiring that states allow voters to choose anyone to turn in a ballot on their behalf (as opposed to limiting it to family members and caretakers).

If this bill passes, the Democrats WILL steal the 2020 election. Nancy pelosi snuck this into the bill, hoping that no one would find it. 

Now that you know what the Left is trying to do, you have an obligation to stop them... and you're running out of time!

Don't let Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats steal the election! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and KILL the so-called "Heroes Act" before it's too late!

Pelosi is calling everyone back to Washington DC and forcing the vote on this TOMORROW.

And we are already seeing Republicans starting to cave. Yesterday, Rep. Peter King (R-NY) became the first Republican to announce he will be voting for Pelosi's stimulus bill. The first GOPer has officially caved!

Now is the time to fight back. Now is the time to kill this bill.

Because if Pelosi gets her way, it's all over!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily