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Bombshell reporting this week revealed that New Mexico’s Secretary of State, Maggie Toulouse Oliver, has “illegally centralized New Mexico’s elections, exposed them to the internet, processes them on uncertified software, and has lied about it to the New Mexico legislature.”

The NM SecState is colluding with the federal government, providing them full access to county election systems through surveillance devices called “Albert Sensors.” These Albert Sensors were provided by the Center for Internet Security (CIS), a non-profit with an outsized role in our elections.

We remember CIS and their role in American censorship – CIS, Inc. was previously reported to be a critical component of the regime’s public private partnership infrastructure, specifically intended to silence Americans’ concerns about the 2020 election.

But it gets worse. 

A left-wing NGO funds CIS. This organization has been repeatedly trotted out as a pseudo-governmental, independent protector of our elections. CIS pretends to investigate and certify "non-voting" technology. By non-voting technology, they mean our election systems. The “non-voting technology” runs our elections from start to finish. 

KnowINK/BPro/Runbeck/VR Systems/ES&S (same as Dominion/Diebold, etc.) all contributed their technology for CIS to "study" and affirm the “safest and most secure elections in US history.” Anyone who knows about our elections knows that those companies are at minimum suspicious, if not provably complicit at this point. 

While the House is planning a field trip to talk about NYC crime, our elections continue to be captured. That means those elected are questionably entitled to their seats. 

That means you. Remember your oath and stand up for free and fair elections. There is nothing more important than this.