INVESTIGATE NOW! Congress NEEDS To Investigate the 2023 STATE ELECTIONS!
On November 9th, the Conservative Daily podcast hosted guests Stacey Redfield and Stefanie Lambert. Stacey brought whistleblower statements to the show regarding the state elections held on November 7th. These statements pointed towards fraud, remote access to the voting machines, multiple ballots, and vote flipping. Congress does indeed need to ban these machines altogether, BUT we also must DEMAND that they call for investigations of the machines and election results in every single state that held a state election!
Yesterday, Stacey Redfield and Stefanie Lambert joined the Conservative Daily podcast to report on the events of November 7th, election day in many states. Stacey, who was serving as an election judge, noticed issues surrounding the voting machines starting on election day. An election judge is a registered elector appointed by the county clerk and recorder or designated elected official to perform the election duties assigned by the county clerk and recorder or designated election official.
Upon starting up the machines, she noticed that the machines were unusually slow and would not accept her password, even after multiple attempts.
Once the machine started up and accepted her password, thereby being available for use, voters began noticing that some of their votes were being flipped. When Stacey and her fellow election judges reached out to higher authority for help, they were given little direction on what to do.
They were later told on a call that the election machines would be “fixed remotely” so that they were no longer flipping votes, and THEN that statement was backtracked, and they were told that the votes that were flipped would be corrected after the election.
This incident happened in Pennsylvania – it could have happened in other states and unknowingly was swept under the radar, undetected.
This incident is HUGE and 100 percent warrants an investigation of ALL the election results and machines used during the 2023 state elections. Any hint of fraud, error, corruption, cheating, or stealing must be investigated and rectified.
In addition, Stacey’s statements surrounding the call to higher-ups about how to respond to the machines flipping votes, and being told that the problem would be fixed remotely, need to be taken seriously. NO ONE should have remote access to the electoral machines.
When the American people vote, we are using our voices. A fraudulent machine, a machine that is flipping votes, cheating, or stealing, is actively stealing the American people's voice, thereby stripping us of our first amendment.
Every state that had a state election on November 7th needs to go through a full investigation of the machines that were used, the results, and they MUST ensure that the elections were free of fraud, corruption, and error.