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I know that you were busy yesterday, welcoming your bag man and gaslighting the American people that money laundering is good for us. So you may have missed the first day of Lake v. Hobbs.

What’s unique about this trial is the inclusion of expert witnesses Heather Honey and Clay Parikh, experts whose testimony has been blocked in every major election case, in every state, related to the 2020 election. 

But this case is not about the 2020 election. 

The 2022 midterm in Arizona (and around the nation) was an overt, brazen theft. Widespread, coordinated voter suppression, machine malfunctions, and chain of custody violations all went one way – benefitting Democrats – 100% of the time.  

The plaintiffs’ need to prove that the election day issues were both intentional and determinative, or more than the 17,000 vote margin in the race. 

Witnesses on Wednesday testified about 19” ballot images being printed on 20” ballot paper. According to the Maricopa County team, this did not happen and a 19” image does not exist. Clay Parikh destroyed this testimony as, following his MCTEC review of ballots, he testified that 14 out of 18 ballots were, in fact, the wrong size image. 

He testified that this caused the machines to reject ballots in close to 60% of Maricopa County precincts. He also testified that there is zero chance this was an accidental act. The security controls in place to protect our elections mean that this action had to be intentional. 

Additionally, according to witnesses for Katie Hobbs and Maricopa County, the ballots were NOT counted prior to being transported – a violation of Arizona law. This means that the chain of custody for an estimated 275,000 ballots does not exist. Witnesses for the state confirmed that the ballots were not counted prior to being transported – to ballot printing center Runbeck. 

After Runbeck, the estimated ballot count jumped by 25,000 – 8,000 more votes than the required margin that Lake must prove. 

Intentional – it cannot be a mistake. Determinative – it’s more than the 17,000 vote margin. 

The prosecution is expected to call 1-2 additional witnesses today, before the defense takes over the podium. In defense of Hobbs, Elias Law is expected to parade the who’s who of the fraud machine, people like Ryan Macias. It’s a historic day in America! 

DEMAND FOR REMEDY: Stolen elections have catastrophic consequences – such as record inflation, wag-the-dog style wars, dead Americans, and corrupt politicians exploiting their power. Remember your oath.