November 25, 2022 at 9AM
Arizona State Capitol, 1700 W. Washington St, Phoenix, AZ 85007

PHOENIX ARIZONA – In the aftermath of the midterm elections, hundreds of patriot groups are joining together at the Arizona Capitol to protest the uncertifiable results. Conservative Daily will be attending the protest. 

A press release on announced the event on Tuesday, “Meet at the capitol at 9 AM BLACK FRIDAY and let your voice be heard peacefully, prayerfully! Many leaders locally and from across the country have confirmed that they will attend to show their support for the People of Arizona.


This event will be a 100% peaceful, well-precedented, nonviolent “sit-in.” One of the most famous sit-in movements was the 1960s Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee’s First Amendment activities in protest of voter suppression and, notably, the right to vote and be appropriately represented in government.

Demanding the same 100% commitment to nonviolence, the people of Arizona are holding family-friendly, “sit ins” at the AZ Capitol. Attendees are expected to adhere to the following Rules of Engagement:

  1. We ARE 100% Committed to Nonviolence: No actual violence, or threat of violence against anyone will be tolerated, including against infiltrators and agitators.
  2. We WILL Self Police: You and the people around you MUST call out ANYONE alluding to or attempting to incite violence. No violence will be tolerated, even in self-policing. This is a nonviolent demonstration.
  3. We WILL Cooperate with Law Enforcement: Do NOT engage law enforcement to create conflict; DO engage law enforcement as part of self policing.
  4. We WILL NOT Tolerate Destruction of Property: Peace and Nonviolence are Nonnegotiable. 
  5. We DO NOT Speak to Media: It’s your choice, of course, but legacy media is not your friend, and they are looking for a negative story. Don’t be that guy. DO NOT ENGAGE.
  6. We WILL Record EVERYTHING: Use your phone, GoPro or Camera and capture anything notable that you see, especially as part of self-policing.
  7. We ARE NOT Litterbugs: Pickup after yourself and others, and leave your piece of the protest better than you found it.
  8. We WILL Show Each Other Grace:  Don’t argue with other protestors, even counter protestors. If you get angry, walk away. Don’t engage.
  9. We WILL Peacefully Share Our Demands: Our demands are simple and straightforward. They are reasonable and well-founded.
  10. We WILL Hold Each Other Accountable: If your group has an idea for action during the protest, please connect with other groups and talk it through before you act. 

If you can’t make it, please consider donating to help the protestors remain until free and fair elections are secured. If you prefer to send goods and supplies, please contact [email protected].


The people gathering in Maricopa County are 100% committed to nonviolence, making this protest protected activity under the United States Constitution Amendment 1 and the State of Arizona Constitution Article 2. 

We are committed to self-policing and working with law enforcement to maintain nonviolence during the protest. We encourage you to join us in protesting the certification of an election that is uncertifiable. 

The People of Arizona’s Demands:

  1. Stop the certification of Arizona’s midterm elections.
  2. Assign a Special Master to oversee Arizona elections, removing Katie Hobbs, Bill Gates, and Steven Richer from election oversight. 
  3. Conduct a new election in Arizona on December 6, 2022:
    • In person voting.
    • Paper ballots.
    • Identification required. 
    • Precinct level hand counting of ballots on December 6, 2022.
    • Ballots counted at the precinct to be sealed & transported by the county sheriff to a secure location.
    • Complete election process transparency.