Election Integrity Matters! Demand Congress for Immediate Action – BAN the Machines! 
Congress has returned from its holiday recess, meaning its attention must now focus on one of the most important issues our nation is facing: the fraudulent and corrupt electronic voting machines and software used to strip the American people of our voice and take away our ability to consent. Congress must direct its attention toward our nation; they MUST ban the voting machines and mail-in ballots and advocate for hand-counted paper ballots at the precinct level! Restore the American people's voice and let Liberty RING!
The American people are very aware of the rampant election fraud affecting our nation. In 2020, the election was shamelessly snatched from President Trump and handed over to Biden, the deep state's chosen puppet. Undeniable evidence supports this claim, backed by impartial research and the brave revelations of whistleblowers.
These machines, tied to technologies like Albert sensors and FirstNet, have raised serious doubts about the validity of election results. The very methods that were meant to facilitate the voting process have been turned against the American people; our voice has been stolen! Congress needs to investigate this and BAN the machines!
Just last week, Donald Trump and his team shared a report about the fraud found in various states which further proves that the election in 2020 was STOLEN! And what is responsible for this stolen election? The voting machines and mail-in ballots. We need to ban the machines!
The validity, security, and accuracy of our elections are not negotiable. Regardless of the "political noise" that may cloud Congress’s judgment, our elections constitute our voice. Any semblance of fraud, corruption, or deceit should not be met with hesitation, but with the uncompromising resolve to investigate and address. Our electoral process must be purged of tyranny and fraud. This starts with banning the voting machines and mail-in ballots, except for valid reasons, and switching to valid voter ID and hand-counted paper ballots that are counted at the precinct level!
Congress must immediately work on the integrity of our elections! The American people's voice must be heard! Without an accurate election, we cannot consent, we cannot redress our grievances, and our rights are virtually meaningless. We the People elect our Congress members to represent us; we pay their salary, so they better WORK! We demand action NOW! Ban the electronic voting machines and stop the use of mail-in ballots; no vote without proof of ID is INVALID! We demand hand-counted ballots at the precinct level! Make our Elections Great Again! Let Liberty Ring!