ACTION NEEDED! NOV 2023 State Elections, Voting Machine Company FLIPPED VOTES?! BAN the Machines!
Last week, we discussed the necessity of banning voting machines so that these cheating devices would not be able to be used during the upcoming 2024 election. Almost like clockwork, on November 7th, the day of many state elections, voting machines mysteriously "flipped" votes. The evidence could not be more damning. With this evidence once again, we must call for the banning of these FAULTY, CHEATING machines!
The erosion of our electoral process through the use of cheating voting machines is an ongoing issue that is, quite frankly, one of the most important things for which we must voice our disapproval. All they have been used for is to CHEAT. We MUST tell Congress to BAN these machines!
In 2020, the election was shamelessly taken from President Trump and handed over to Biden, the deep state's chosen puppet. Undeniable evidence supports this claim, backed by impartial research and the brave revelations of whistleblowers.
This Tuesday, many states held elections and, of course, used voting machines to tally the votes. Unsurprisingly, there were some problems and clear indicators of fraud. One undeniable example was found in Northampton County, where voting machines were FLIPPING votes and NOT recording votes properly.
Shortly after the machine errors occurred, Northampton County held an emergency press conference and invited Linda Bennett, the Senior Vice President of Customer Operations at Election Systems & Software, to explain why votes were switched in the retention race between Judge Jack Panella and Judge Victor Stabile for the Pennsylvania Superior Court.
Do you know what she said?
"It was a human error, based on someone from our team who programmed the election."
Give me a break!
This was not a human error; it was a result of the voting machines doing what they do best: committing fraud and undermining the voices of the people. These machines are designed for deceit and must be removed from our electoral process.
The stealing of our elections is pervasive, on every single level of our government. Judge positions, consider them stolen; the Senate, representatives, most definitely stolen. Everywhere these machines are present, there is fraud.
So, we know for a fact that these machines are "faulty"; a better word might be corrupt. They are used to steal elections, easily flip votes, and fail to record them properly. We know these machines have significant flaws, are unreliable, and are used to commit fraud. Therefore, they cannot be kept around, especially for the 2024 election, where the left will most certainly attempt to steal the election from Donald Trump.
We must demand accountability from our elected officials, senators, representatives, and those overseeing our elections. We categorically REFUSE to engage with these tainted voting machines, and we demand their IMMEDIATE BAN until a thorough investigation is conducted.
We demand a return to the fundamentals: hand-counted paper ballots and in-person voting at election offices. By doing so, we will safeguard the integrity of our elections and, by extension, our cherished nation.
The citizens of the United States unequivocally demand that our elected officials follow suit. We insist that they stand with us, banning these corrupt voting machines, limiting mail-in ballots to only those with valid reasons, and unequivocally defending the very essence of our nation. Our call is resolute, and our expectations are unwavering. Congress, WE DEMAND that you BAN these DAMN MACHINES!