Michael Flynn's case has shown just how easy it is for partisans within the government to abuse their power.

At James Comey's directions, FBI agents ambushed Michael Flynn just days into the Trump administration. Comey admits that any other administration would probably have had its act together, but he wanted to take advantage of the chaos of the early days of the Trump administration to lay a perjury trap for Michael Flynn.

The FBI agents who interviewed Flynn even recommended that he NOT have a lawyer present. After the interview, the FBI agents reported in their "302" Notes that he appeared to be telling them the truth. When Robert Mueller was appointed, his team re-examined the notes and determined -- despite none of them being in the room during the interview -- that Michael Flynn deliberately lied.

They threw the book at Flynn and even threatened to prosecute his family members if he didn't cooperate with their investigation to try to take down Trump. After spending all of his savings on his legal defense, Michael Flynn agreed to plead guilty and help the Mueller Team.

But as the old adage goes, you cannot draw water from a rock. Michael Flynn could not tell the Mueller team what they wanted to hear because there wasn't any collusion within the Trump campaign.

After delay after delay, the time for Flynn's sentencing finally arrived and (similar to the Roger Stone case) the Mueller prosecutors asked the judge to send Flynn to prison. They claimed that he hadn't cooperated enough, even though the Russia Collusion investigation was bogus from the start.

Flynn has decided to fight the charges now and with the help of his new lawyer, Sidney Powell, is withdrawing his guilty plea. As a part of this process, to prove that Flynn has been mistreated by the FBI, Powell has requested the original "302" documents to show that the allegation that Flynn lied to investigators was manufactured.

But the FBI cannot find the original "302" notes. Instead, they have only offered up notes that have been manipulated, after the fact. 302s are supposed to memorialize FBI agents' observations and testimony in the moment, when it is freshest. A 302 written months after the fact, as far as evidence goes, is worthless.

Sidney Powell has now motioned to have the whole case thrown out since the FBI cannot produce the original documents they claim were used to secure the indictment and can only produce an altered 302 document that was produced long after the original interview.

Now, President Trump is weighing in on Twitter.


Given how the FBI and DOJ have mistreated Michael Flynn and mishandled this case, a Presidential pardon may be the only way to ensure that justice is done...