Joe Biden is known for invading other people's personal space. He has made a career of awkwardly grabbing women's shoulders, sniffing their hair, and putting his hand on their waist.

Biden promised earlier this year that he would be more conscious of respecting other people's space. Since then, however, Biden has turned his own groping scandal into an applause line at his campaign events by promising attendees that he has permission every time he goes to hug someone on stage.

So it is funny to see the tables turn. A man who is infamous for invading people's personal space was on the receiving end last night.

The current Democrat field of Presidential candidates are known for speaking with their hands. Bernie Sanders is one of the worst offenders. Last night, while talking about Climate change, Bernie Sanders got a little extra enthusiastic with the hand movements. MSNBC's cameras caught the moment that his hand gesture actually stretched in front of Joe Biden's podium. And the former-Vice President was not impressed.

[video width="450" height="252" mp4="" loop="true" autoplay="true"][/video]

That is the face that Joe Biden makes when Jewish Septuagenarian points in his general direction. Imagine how women and young girls feel when he gets handsy with them.

Oh wait, we don't have to imagine. We have all of that on video...