Really shocking numbers coming out of Roseland Community Hospital, in Chicago, Illinois.

Sumaya Owaynat, a phlebotomy technician at the hospital, reports that out of the 400 to 600 patients that she tests for COVID-19 in a given day, she is finding that between 30% and 50% of them are found to have already had the COVID-19.

Instead of testing positive for an active infection, the tests are revealing that they have the antibodies for the virus in their system.

When the human body defeats a virus, the immune system generates antibodies to ensure that if the virus comes back, the body is prepared to swiftly defeat it.

For this healthcare worker to suggest that 30-50% of those tested already have the antibodies, that means that the virus has already gone through that community long before shelter in place orders went into effect.

Widespread antibody testing is widely seen as a pre-requisite for being able to safely re-open the country, meaning that the safest way to re-open the country is to send the already-immune Americans back to work first.

We already know that a huge chunk of Americans who contract the coronavirus are asymptomatic or develop mild symptoms. If it turns out that the 30-50% of Americans have already developed antibodies to the coronavirus and have been sheltering in place for nothing, people are going to start getting very, very angry.