When we woke up this morning our hosting/server provider indicated that we went down…..Things that make you go hmmmmmm”

Hi everyone!  We wanted to send a short note and let you know that we had a bit of an anomaly this morning as our servers went down.

We received the news from our provider this morning and quickly tried to work with them to get them back up.  After digging a little deeper to understand the situation, nothing was beginning to make any sense as to why we went offline.

After about 45 minutes on the phone with them, BINGO, “There it is!!”  It all becomes clear.  The server company did not like the messages we were sending to individuals who desired to hear from us!!

This, quite honestly is a big win for the community that you and I are beginning to build.  The one based on the pursuit of truth, the pursuit of our civil liberties and freedom, the preservation of our constitution and letting those, who work for us, in Congress know that we are here and we are taking action.

With your help we have already sent over One Hundred Thousand faxes to Congress and we are making a difference!!

Continue to stand with us, meet us on Facebook, forward our newsletters to your friends and associates and let’s grow the Daily Dose of Sanity!!


The Conservative Daily Team