Democrat conspiracy theories tend to be pretty nuts. For example, there are people out there who believe that Donald Trump became President so that he could increase bookings at his Washington DC hotel. Even though his net-worth has decreased by BILLIONS since he won, they think he gave that all up to sell a few more hotel rooms...

But this latest conspiracy theory takes the cake.

As you are probably aware, Congressman Elijah Cummings had one of his Baltimore homes burglarized last week. When the news broke of the burglary, Leftists were quick to blame President Trump for the events. They claimed that he stoked racial hatred and, without any evidence, purported that was the reason the home was burglarized.

Well, it turns out that the home was broken into hours before Trump pushed out his first tweet that was critical of Cummings. So unless these burglars were time-traveling racists, the President had nothing to do with it.

We're now also learning that Cummings allegedly scared away the burglar by shouting at him. After the criminal triggered the Congressman's home security alarm, he immediately fled.

So, not only has the left's narrative blaming Trump for the burglary fallen apart,  but it also only proves Trump's point: that crime is out of control in the city.

But if nothing else, Leftists are persistent. The new conspiracy theory is that Trump was still involved, but for a different reason.

They now claim that the burglary was an attempted retaliation for a report that Cummings put out days prior in the Oversight Committee criticizing the Trump administration's policies regarding Saudi Arabia.

That's right: these people actually believe that the President of the United States hired a man to break into a Congressman's house over an obscure report that the media didn't even cover at all...

Warning: These people are absolutely serious about this...

I just... wow.

They tried to blame Trump for inciting the burglary, even though he sent out his tweets after the burglary. But instead of admitting that they are just making stuff up, these people are convinced that Trump ordered the "hit," not because of his spat with Cummings, but because Cummings released a report critical of Trump's stance on Saudi Arabia.

The easy explanation is that Baltimore is, to borrow Cory Booker's words, a "shit hole." Crime is so bad, that even a sitting Congressman isn't safe.

That would be the easy explanation here. But no, the Left believes that this was all an elaborate payback scheme over an oversight report on Saudi Arabia policies...

It is just insane.

But I think that this expands on something that we already knew. The Left truly believes that any attack on a "person of color" is done out of racism. In their eyes, it is impossible to legitimately criticize a black man. It doesn't matter that Cummings is targeting Trump's family members with subpoenas. He is a black man and if you talk bad about him, you're a racist.

Well, this new strategy goes even further. It is the belief that if anything bad happens to a Congressman like Cummings, it is apparently a retaliation for the most recent thing he did, no matter how obscure. When the timeline proved that Trump wasn't responsible, Liberals scrambled to find another way to link the President. "Aha," they proclaim, "it must have been because of this Saudi Arabia report!!!!!!"

No, the much simpler answer is that Baltimore is a drug, crime, and rat infested hell hole. For goodness sake, FBI data shows that more is the city with the highest robbery rate in the country. The data doesn't lie.

But if in the face of all of these facts, anyone who still believes that this is some elaborate scheme to avenge a critical report out of the Oversight Committee is beyond help...