When news broke that billionaire and long-accused pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was being indicted for sex trafficking young girls, the Left and the Right immediately began wondering when the next shoe would drop (and who it would drop on).

Nancy Pelosi's daughter, Christine Pelosi, warned Democrats that it was likely that "some of our faves are implicated." Obviously, she knows something we don't know.

Immediately, people started speculating that the "faves" were the Clintons. It has been public knowledge for years that Bill Clinton took many flights aboard Jeffrey Epstein's private jet. The jet -- nicknamed the 'Lolita Express' -- was how Epstein traveled the world, allegedly for his sex tourism.

After the news of the indictment broke, Bill Clinton's press secretary released a statement disavowing Epstein and promising that the former President knew nothing about the alleged sex trafficking crimes.


This statement came as a shock to many on the right and left because it has been public knowledge for years that Bill Clinton took more than four trips on Jeffrey Epstein's airplanes. The reason we know this is because each one of Epstein's flights was required to log its passengers and submit the logs to the FAA.

Bill Clinton claims that he only took FOUR flights on Jeffrey Epstein's Boeing 727 between 2002 and 2003. He claims that he took one flight to Europe, one flight to Asia, and two flights with Epstein to Africa. And he claims that he was never on the plane without a Secret Service escort.

However flight records obtained by Fox News back in 2016, long before this story broke, indicate that Bill Clinton is lying through his teeth right now. While he claims to only have taken four flights with Epstein, public reporting alone has shown that Clinton was aboard Epstein's private jet 11 times. And passenger manifests for Epstein's "Lolita Express" list Bill Clinton on no less than 26 flights between 2001 and 2003. Bill Clinton was listed on the passenger manifest for flights to Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, China, Brunei, London, New York, Portugal, Belgium, Norway, Russia and various countries in Africa. There are also records that indicate Clinton was aboard the plane at least once without his security detail.

Fox News has not publicly released their versions of the transcripts. But thanks to the many court cases involving Epstein's pedophilia, many of these flight logs have become public record.

Our examination of an admittedly incomplete record shows that Bill Clinton was listed as a passenger on at least 11 flights, far more than he has admitted to. You can access 72 pages of Epstein's plane's logs published by Gawker here. The challenge is that the record is admittedly incomplete. Quite often, the pilots failed to record who was on the flights and simply jotted down "male" and "female" so they could keep an accurate head count. Fox News claims that their more-complete documents show 26 total trips.

But I am far more interested in who the logs say that Clinton shared the flights with. Time after time, the logs show that Clinton flew with Epstein and two women: Ghislaine Maxwell and Sarah Kellen. Both have been credibly accused by Federal investigators and prosecutors of acting as Epstein's pimps. Court filings show that Maxwell and Kellen were accused of grooming young girls into their ring of child sex workers. Some victims even claimed that Maxwell and Kellen participated in the sex acts with them.

So when, for example, Bill Clinton is listed as being on a February 9, 2002 flight from Miami, FL to Westchster, NY, and the logs say he shared the plane with Secret Service Agents, JE (Jeffrey Epstein), GM (Ghislaine Maxwell), and SK (Sarah Kellen), as well as "1 Female," it raises more questions than answers. Especially how this domestic flight is not included in the four trips that Clinton admitted to taking with Epstein...

And then again, when Bill Clinton takes five flights between May 22-25, 2002 with Epstein, Kellen, and Maxwell, it makes us want to know who was also on the flight. But we can't know for sure because the flight log names them only as "Janice" and "Jessica," the only two passengers listed only by their first name. They all flew together from Japan to Hong Kong to China to Singapore to Thailand to Brunei. "Janice" and "Jessica" left Epstein's entourage and stayed behind in Brunei when the plane continued on to Indonesia...

When Bill Clinton used Jeffrey Epstein's plane to take him to Africa for the Clinton Foundation's AIDS work, he was again accompanied by Maxwell, Kellen, and a woman named Chauntae Davies. Davies' name has come up in court documents because she was listed in Epstein's books under "Massage- California." Epstein and his staff kept lists of young girls in cities around the world who would be able to give the billionaire "massages" when he was in town, or at least that is what they called them on paper. Some of the girls that appeared on these lists were later identified as Epstein's child sex victims. Chauntae Davies denies any allegation that she was a sex worker for Epstein, but has also failed to explain why she -- a massage therapist from California -- was brought along to serve as a stewardess on Bill Clinton's 6-day, multi-country trip to Africa to fight AIDS...

The more we dig, the more questions we have. But it remains clear that Bill Clinton's statement about only taking four trips aboard Epstein's jet -- even if we parse language and accept that each trip can have multiple legs -- is simply not accurate because Clinton did not admit to the 2002 domestic flight from Miami to Westchester...

Bill Clinton's statement also says that he has never been to Little St. James Island, the 72-acre private island that Epstein owns and allegedly uses for his orgies. While the flight records do not show Clinton flying on any of Epstein's flights to the island, or into nearby public airports, one of Epstein's child victims has testified that she saw Clinton on the island. Virginia Roberts, now 35, was trafficked and abused by Epstein when she was just 15 years old. She has repeatedly publicly claimed that she saw Bill Clinton on Epstein's island in 2002. 

All of this has been public information for years, both through previous public reporting and Fox News' investigative report back in 2016.

So why would Bill Clinton lie? Why would he make such a provably false claim? Why would he make such a definitive statement -- only four trips -- when it takes just a few minutes to prove him wrong?

After all of this, we are left with more questions than answers. Among them is also why Alan Dershowitz's name appears so frequently on the passenger manifest for the Lolita Express. But that is a topic for another article...

More information will continue to come out as other outlets continue investigating. But it is clear that Bill Clinton is hiding something...