For years, we have shared a very simple observation. Democrats seem to hate Trump more than they love our country. Considering that many of the Leftists in Congress admit to hating America, that is definitely true.

But believe it or not, Democrats have hit a new low.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act is about to expire. Unless Congress re-authorizes it, the government will lose the ability to monitor and surveil foreign agents operating on American soil. If FISA completely expires, it will be next to impossible for the FBI to keep tabs on Russian, Chinese, or Iranian spies operating on American soil.

Without a doubt, FISA has helped protect this country. But we have also seen these powers abused and used to target FBI agents' political opponents. We have known for a while that FBI agents leading the Trump-Russia investigation lied to the FISA Court in order to secure an extension on their surveillance warrant. By law, in order for a FISA surveillance warrant to be extended, the investigating agents need to prove to the court that the investigation is bearing fruit.

We know that the FBI used FISA to spy on Trump Associate Carter Page. They told the courts that they were worried that Page was working with Russia to influence the Presidential election, and that Trump might have been in on it. In order to get an extension, these investigators were supposed to have to prove to the court that they were on the right track.

But we know that this wasn't the case. Over the course of their investigation, the FBI agents investigating Page became aware that he was actually an American intelligence asset. They had it all wrong. Instead of working for the Kremlin to infiltrate America, Page had a long history of working with the CIA to infiltrate the Kremlin.

That should have been the end of it. But one FBI agent -- who has yet to be publicly named -- is accused of forging documents to allow for the FISA warrant to be extended. Despite the CIA confirming, in an email, that Carter Page was one of their assets, the FBI agent in question edited that email to instead make it appear like the CIA had no idea who Page was, therefore confirming that he wasn't one of their assets.

That is how desperate the Deep State was to stick it to Trump. This guy committed fraud before the court, broke countless laws, and violated the Constitution, all for a chance to keep listening in on Trump campaign discussions...

The FBI officials responsible for this fraud have now been banned from ever again coming before the FISA Court.

So, you would think that Congress would want to fix this law to ensure that rogue officials would never again be able to weaponize this court against their political enemies.

But that is not what Democrats want. Jerry Nadler has now given Republicans a take-it or leave-it ultimatum. Either they accept his FISA renewal bill, which does not address these problems and was written long before we even got a full picture of how vast this fraud was, or else Nadler will allow FISA to expire.

Either Republicans agree to preserve the Deep State's power to spy on innocent Americans, or Democrats will prevent the FBI from keeping tabs on foreign spies operating on US soil...

I knew that Democrats could find a way to politicize anything, but I never thought that they would actually side with foreign spy agencies over FISA reform...

What is more disgusting is that the GOP is falling for it. Lindsey Graham has now come out and said that if those are the options on the table, he will vote to renew FISA as-is rather than let it expire.

There is a reason that the United States government does not negotiate with terrorists. They know that if they give into terrorists' demands once, then more and more demands will start coming in.

The same is true with today's Democrats. Republicans have played this game before. They have agreed to Democrats' terms in the past, and now the Left is emboldened to try and get even more from the GOP.

Trump has said that he will not sign a clean FISA renewal bill, and he shouldn't. But the GOP cowards are already trying to pressure Trump into caving...