The IRS is the “patrolling police” of Obamacare. 

Dear Patriotic Conservative,

How would you feel if the IRS came knocking at your door?  New allegations of absolute stonewalling of the congressional investigation have surfaced; all the while new harassing IRS letters are being mailed out to small business owners.  Truth be told, if you are like me, you would rather have the police show up at your door, than the IRS!

Regardless of the scandals there are good reasons to be afraid of the IRS.

The IRS has always been and will always be: a political weapon. Only now it’s armed with personal and unconstitutional data that it can use against you!  The IRS isn't treacherous just because of President Obama and this administration. The IRS has a long history of exploitation against political enemies and by the presidents of both parties!  

The IRS is dangerous because it has almost unlimited and unaccountable powers.

John F Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, and Richard Nixon all abused the IRS by using it against enemies or any one that dared to dissent.  And they were just following in the footsteps of Franklin Roosevelt, whose own son said that his father was “the originator of the concept of employing the IRS as a weapon of political retribution.”

This IRS Scandal has gone on for too long!  Let every Member of Congress be aware that they MUST appoint an independent investigator to get to the very bottom of targeting Americans!

We already know the IRS has admitted to delaying/denying due process on applications for tax-exempt status by conservative groups, strictly for political reasons.  According to the government’s own investigation, applications containing terms such as Tea Party and Patriot, were singled out for no good reasons even as groups with liberal sounding names like “Bus for Progress” and “Progress Florida” sailed through the process.

Lois Lerner, senior IRS signed paperwork granting tax-exempt status to the shad charity headed by the president’s half-brother - Barack H. Obama Foundation.  The organization had operated illegally for years but Lerner approved their status within a month, granting retroactive tax-exempt status to Malik Obama’s organization. Some conservative organizations have been waiting for more than three years for approval, and some cases are still waiting!  This hasn’t stopped yet.

President Obama then goes in front of the American people saying, “The report's findings are intolerable and inexcusable” and supposedly fires the acting head of the Internal Revenue Service.  Many of the people involved have been reassigned and even promoted.  Yes, even promoted.  The IRS official in the Cincinnati branch during the time conservative groups were unfairly targeted just received a big promotion!  Yes, Cindy Thomas has been promoted to the senior technical adviser team for the Director of Exempt Organizations.  Great, illegal behavior and targeting of conservatives is celebrated!

We’ve since learned how Lerner, still on a TAX PAYER FUNDED VACATION after pleading the Fifth Amendment, used her personal email account to target conservatives.  Investigations show a series of inter-agency emails in which Lerner might have improperly shared private and confidential tax information.  On Tuesday, Issa again requested Lerner turn over her personal emails.  He’s still waiting.


The IRS is the BULLY of Small Business!

The emails are related to American Future Fund and American Issues Project, both conservative groups.  The six exchanges show Lerner’s name as the sender and/or receiver.  Although the person's name has been redacted, the sender is acknowledged as an FEC attorney in the enforcement division.

The attorney acknowledges he cannot ask for information about tax-exempt applications, but asks whether American Future Fund and American Issues Project had received exempt status.

Lerner replies in one email: “What can we do to help here?"


The IRS is overly complicated and has too many confusing and obscure laws and regulations.  You can never be sure you are compliant, even when paying the best tax accountants!  And small business owners and those self-employed get hit the hardest by the IRS!

Let Congress know right away to appoint an Independent Prosecutor to really investigate the IRS! As Americans, we are “connecting the dots!”

And most scary thing about the IRS?

IT IS THE ENFORCEMENT MACHINE FOR OBAMACARE!  The IRS is the “patrolling police” for THOUSANDS OF PAGES OF MANDATES and laws.  The IRS will oversee a reported 47 tax provisions.  This is much more than mailing in your income tax.  You will be expected to report when, where, and how you have gotten your healthcare as well.

Re-enter U.S. Representative Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee.  He has been leading the charge in the House of Representatives investigating how the IRS targeted conservative groups.  On Wednesday, Darrell Issa said: “Right now, what we see is something worse.  He continued: “The targeting was ideological and it clearly affected only conservative groups.  I believe that the trust of the American people was broken!”


Congressional investigations continue.  Republicans continue to argue that the administration created a political climate that encouraged IRS personnel to think excessive screening of conservative groups was justified.

The Trust of the American People is gone.

Ways and Means Committee Chairman, Dave Camp, said that the conservative groups faced more probing questions than did liberal groups seeking the same tax-exempt status. Congressman Camp reported that conservatives were asked three times as many questions, were less than half as likely to get approval from the IRS, and were even asked about the content of their prayers!

Much like Issa’s Oversight Committee, Camp said his investigators were also waiting on the IRS to turn over more information. 


“This is just the tip of the iceberg.  We have received less than three percent of the documents responsive to the investigation!”

And where is the national news media?  THE MEDIA IS NOT INVESTIGATING THE IRS SCANDAL!

Brent Bozell, founder and president of Media Research Center, emphasizes: “In our world as conservatives, we think the rest of the world understands what it is we’re seeing because it’s so flagrant – the abuse of power – and yet we have to understand that the average Joe out there that still relies on CBS or NBC or ABC or CNN for his news is not getting the story.  It is being censored!”

Let Congress know: We need an independent investigator NOW!

We MUST STOP the Tyranny!

Dan Pfeiffer, a White House official who represents President Barack Obama, said that the committee’s accusations were “completely false!” 

This IRS Scandal (and strategy!) absolutely points to the White House!

What about the documented visits documented in the White House Visitor’s Log? THE IRS---visited the White House MORE THAN THE COMBINED VISITS OF THE SECRETARY OF STATE, SECRETARY OF HOMELAND SECURITY, and HHS SECRETARY!

The President spent MORE time with the leadership of the Internal Revenue Service than anyone else in the Cabinet!

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THE FACTS speak for themselves. Tell Congress to appoint a Special Prosecutor for the IRS debacle.  We continue to “connect the dots, now let’s make sure Congress connects the dots to get to the very bottom of this shameful IRS scandal against the American people.

We must mandate action by our Congress. Demand transparency!

Let Congress know right away to appoint an Independent Prosecutor to really investigate the IRS! As Americans, we are “connecting the dots!”

And if that isn’t enough to get your blood boiling, think back to Christine O’Donnell. Remember, the Tea Party favorite who tried to fill the senatorial seat of V.P. Joe Biden?  She joins a growing list of conservatives who were singled out by the IRS because of their politics!

Her tax records were accessed by David Smith, an investigator with Delaware’s Division of Revenue, which provoked an inquiry by the U.S. Treasury Department.  Specific action against candidate O’Donnell is just one of many under investigation by congressional committees looking at claims that donors to campaigns and politicians had their personal tax records illegally accessed, many say for political gain by their opponents.


Can you believe that?  Another charade.  MORE stonewalling.  

This IRS Scandal has gone on for too long!  Let every Member of Congress be aware that they MUST appoint an independent investigator to get to the very bottom of targeting Americans!

Other United States senators join with Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) who expressed deep concern that conservative individuals, much less well-known politicians, can have their personal tax information spied on very easily by state governments and the federal government.

Stand with Grassley and point the finger at the Justice Department who has declined to prosecute any of the cases of illegal accessing of personal tax records of Americans.

Let Congress know how you feel about this expanded ILLEGAL INTIMIDATION by the Internal Revenue Service!


Tony Adkins

Conservative Daily