Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) has introduced a bill (H.R. 6662) that would require the Treasury Department to tax cars for each mile they drive.

The Democrat Blumenauer, not surprisingly, called this an “innovative solution” to boost up reduced highway funds. He looks at it as an investment in our roads, when in fact, a “mile tax” would be just the opposite: it would crush middle class and commercial industry and hit consumers hard. It may well be an investment, but only in our destruction.

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This isn’t the first time a suggestion like this has been raised, so we need to take this most recent proposal seriously. In March 2011 the Congressional Budget Office released a report saying a Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) program was a “practical option” for raising funds. The CBO helpfully suggested that devices could be put on cars that read mileage, and that information could be read electronically at gas stations.

And right after that, a draft transportation bill from the Department of Transportation proposed studying a VMT program, going so far to talk about the creation of a Surface Transportation Revenue Alternatives Office, which could be set up to study the issue.

Don’t you wish every time you “needed” money for something you could turn around and tax someone?

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We could make a joke right here about how the government is going to start taxing everything, including the air we breathe, but that’s not such a far-out proposition anymore. United Nations’ Agenda 21 implementation could very well mean that the space you take up on the planet be subject to taxation…just as now, the miles you drive could be. Blumenauer didn’t mention Agenda 21 specifically, but he did say that the program would “convene working groups to address the most complex aspects of this transition, including road use, demand management, climate change, and technology needs.” There’s that word, “climate change.” It is one of the first things we thought of when we heard of this proposal…that, and Democrats don’t know how to do anything except for make up new ways to tax people.

It actually fits right in with Agenda 21’s ultimate goal, which is to limit the damage you can do to the earth. If you are huddled together in urban areas and forced to use public transportation, you and your individual little vehicle traveling whenever and wherever you want to go will no longer be a threat to the planet.

Fax Congress now and let them know what a ridiculous proposal this is, and how much it will hurt our economy, especially the middle class!

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Gas taxes are not helping the Highway Trust Fund the way Blumenauer would like them to be, so he is trying to make up about $15 billion a year. Heaven forbid Democrats would look at something like spending and make meaningful cuts to save money… no, it is much easier to make up a tax and get the people to fix the government’s financial problems.

And who do you think is going to bear the ultimate cost of these “tax by the mile” devices? (Oh and P.S. we already have such a device on our car, but don’t tell Congress: it’s called an odometer) Your automobile manufacturer, the trucking company who moves the goods, the retail outlet that sells them…none of these people are going to be charitable and eat the increased cost. You are. So not only will you pay on the backside in the form of a tax, you’ll pay with every vehicle you purchase and every commodity you buy.

We don’t need more taxes, and taxing us for every mile we drive would be a huge national burden designed only to give government more power over you and ultimately, more money. So that way they can stay in power and think up of other ridiculous and frivolous ways to tax us.

Tell them, NO.

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Tony Adkins

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