Hi my Beautiful CD Family of Patriots!
First they were offended you didn’t use their pronouns and demanded you deny reality
Then, they demanded you let them into women’s private spaces…. Naked, even
Then, they DESTROYED women in women’s sports though they could not compete with men
Now they’re after your kids
We are talking about grown men playing pretend and demanding we go along with their delusion. 
This feels like a very bad relationship with an evil narcissist who gaslights you every time you point out reality.
Already, reports of women and girls being raped in the bathroom of public spaces and in SCHOOLS! This is unacceptable! This is dangerous!
If an adult wants to parade around as the opposite sex then so be it, don’t you dare try to force us to accept it. A MAN demanding from WOMEN acceptance into WOMEN’s private personal spaces is terrifying and puts women and girls at risk for abuse and violence. By normalizing men being accepted into these spaces you force to silence a woman's instinct to escape an area where a man should not be.
The indoctrination of children into the trans sexual identity cult is sickening. I grew up a Tom Boy. I lived in the trees, I played in the mud, I played with dinosaurs and trucks, I had a skateboard, I never had dolls. I liked wearing boys' clothing. I imagined I was a bird. I imagined I could do martial arts and that I was a Samurai. I was naturally gifted at sports. I can only imagine being groomed into believing I was in the wrong body and that I could get hormones and surgery to “fix” me.
Instead I was left alone to mature into a woman.
The delivery of chemical and/or surgical castration of little boys who like to play with dolls and wear their moms shoes and make-up followed by the genital mutilation of these innocent impressionable kids… There are no words that can convey my shock and horror that someone would do this.
Why can’t we tell them they are beautiful, even perfect just the way they are like we do to overweight people?
Why can’t we let kids be kids? 
Why can’t they be allowed to remain innocent for as long as possible? Why are they being forced to witness objectionable sexual content in public spaces like libraries?
What is the agenda behind pushing sexuality on our children IN PUBLIC SCHOOL as early as kindergarten?
“Why is everything trans?” as my boy said…
For me, the answer is growing ever more obvious. “Trans” people who are pedophiles make up less than .01% of the population, yet their message seems to be the loudest. Grooming children is what perverts do. Gaining access to your kids is what perverts want. They want to call sexual attraction to minors a normal sexual identity and they want to stop you from doing anything about it.