Kari Lake & Jeff DeWit Bribe Scandal! Congress and ALL Elected Officials Needs to Investigate NOW!
Kari Lake has consistently demonstrated herself to be a beacon of integrity, liberty, and justice. She has tirelessly fought for the integrity of our electoral process and has proven her commitment to working for the people. It is because of these qualities that the deep state is afraid of her and is attempting to take her down. This week, Lake released a recording of a conversation between herself and Jeff DeWit. In short, DeWit, a former Arizona treasurer and Trump adviser, along with the group he represents, tried to bribe Kari Lake to drop out of her Senate race.
The crucial question at hand is who stands with DeWit in bribing individuals like Kari Lake, how prevalent is this issue, and who else in Congress and other leadership positions have taken or are currently taking bribes? Congress and all other elected officials must take the Kari Lake/Jeff DeWit bribery scandal seriously and investigate everyone in DeWit's circle.
Jeff DeWit resigned as chair of the state GOP on Wednesday following the release of an audio recording in which he offered Kari Lake a lucrative job if she quits her U.S. Senate race. This 10-minute recording between Kari Lake and Jeff DeWit essentially captures DeWit offering bribes to Lake, with her vehemently denying said bribes. Lake even went as far as stating that they couldn't offer her “10 million, 20 million, or a billion dollars” to quit the Senate race, emphasizing that “the battle is not yet finished!” Lake's unwavering commitment to the people and her refusal to be swayed is evident, making her a target for those who fear her representation.
The bribery scandal holds significant importance, prompting Congress to pay attention and call for an investigation into those making these attempts. Consider the countless potential representatives like Kari Lake who may have faced similar bribery attempts, threats, and backlash from deep state figures. How many individuals like Jeff DeWit are out there diverting representatives from the people before they even have the chance to be voted for? Furthermore, who else was in DeWit's circle, aiding him in his attempted bribery against Kari Lake?
These critical questions demand answers, and the situation warrants a thorough investigation. Kari Lake is a candidate for the 2024 United States Senate elections, poised to represent the people in DC, yet the state treasurer and his associates attempted to remove her from the race. Congress must investigate Jeff DeWit and anyone collaborating with him to the fullest extent. Let us not allow the voice of the American people to be stolen; let us stand on the right side and defend our voice!