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Every evening, the January 6 Political Hostages sing the Star Spangled Banner. Every day, they pray without ceasing for justice to come. You can understand why they feel abandoned. The people who promise to protect their natural rights have abandoned them. Oath be damned.

There is overwhelming evidence that Nancy Pelosi, the Capitol Police, the FBI, and other government actors executed a operation on January 6. The government has attempted to suppress exculpatory evidence and control the narrative, but the truth will out, always.

For more than two years, the government has gaslit the American People and the millions of J6 attendees about what really happened. The truth is coming out. The role of the government has never been clearer. 

Every J6 Hostage must be immediately released.

Every convincted J6 Prisoner must immediately be awarded a mistrial and a new proceeding in a new venue.

Everyone in the government who participated in this gaslight must be removed from their position and held to account. This includes the sham J6 Committee and all their witnesses that lied under oath.

I will not forget what I have witnessed the government do over the past two years. You swore an oath to, above all else, protect the natural rights of Americans.

Remember your oath.