Fellow Conservative,

Do you know why Donald Trump is leading in every single poll? He tells it like it is. He has made a career of firing people who prove to be completely incompetent.

When a government employee commits a crime, or violates the public’s trust, he or she must be fired.

But under the Obama administration, this hasn’t happened. Criminal bureaucrats are allowed to retire with full benefits and are shielded from criminal prosecution.

Lois Lerner was allowed to retire with a full pension… Eric Holder avoided prosecution and was able to retire…

But now, with the news we just got, the Obama administration has gone too far.

Do you remember Operation Fast and Furious? This was the DOJ operation designed to “prove” the Obama administration’s argument that America’s weak gun laws allow the Mexican Cartels to arm themselves.

So, the DOJ and ATF allowed Mexican drug cartel members to illegally buy firearms here in the United States. The goal was to follow the guns and arrest them before they crossed the border.

But that’s not what happened. The DOJ allowed these guns to make their way into Mexico where they were ultimately used to kill innocent people, including US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

ATF Special Agent William Newell, and his second in command George Gillett, were responsible for the operation’s failure. Countless people have died because of their failures.

They were never fired. In fact, just last week they were allowed to retire with full benefits!

Don’t let Obama get away with this! Tell Congress to put every single criminal in the Obama administration behind bars right now!

It’s just so ridiculous. William Newell and George Gillett allowed the Mexican Cartel to purchase $1.5 million worth of guns and smuggle them back into Mexico. People died because of their incompetence.

Why the hell aren’t they in prison? Why the hell weren’t they fired and forced to walk out with their tail between their legs, knowing that they were a complete failure?

No, they retired with full pension and full benefits.

We also learned this week that many of the Veterans Administration officials at the heart of the VA scandal were allowed to retire with full benefits. Their actions led to thousands of deaths and they’re allowed to retire and walk off into the sunset.

It is madness. Absolute madness.

And then there’s Hillary Clinton, who broke intelligence regulations and laws and ultimately put American national security at risk in an attempt to keep her emails out of the public record. She belongs in prison, but she’ll likely never see the inside of a jail cell because that would be political suicide for Barack Obama and his legacy.

All these criminals under one roof…

Believe it or not, this is Congress’ fault. They have the power to throw each and every one of these people in jail. They have the power to appoint a Special Prosecutor and do what Obama’s corrupt DOJ has refused to do: investigate and prosecute them!

But right now, Congress hasn’t done a thing. They’re too afraid. Part of me can’t blame them. People who go up against the Clintons tend to turn up dead.

It is your duty to make sure that Congress fears YOU more than they fear the Clintons. If We the People accomplish that, then the rest is easy!

Obama is protecting the criminals in his administration! Demand that Congress put them all behind bars!

Do you want Hillary in prison?

What about those responsible for Fast and Furious and the other criminal scandals?

What about the VA Bureaucrats who let our veterans die just so they could get a raise?

All of this is possible, but I need you to raise your voice right now!

Please FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND that every single criminal in the Obama administration is thrown in jail!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily