Dear Conservative,

During President Obama’s interview with Bill O’Reilly before the Super Bowl, he said something absolutely mind-boggling.

When confronted on the issue of the IRS targeting conservatives, the President just laughed it off, repeating the liberal talking point that it was a “non-scandal.” Referring to the IRS, Obama said that there wasn’t any evidence of “even mass corruption, not even a smidgen of corruption.”

That’s some pretty serious language to describe an organization that literally prides itself on ruining people’s lives…

The IRS deliberately targeted conservative non-profit groups to silence them during an election year and Lois Lerner, the employee responsible, is pleading the Fifth to avoid criminal prosecution.

The FBI is still currently investigating the matter and even though an Obama supporter was put in charge of the investigation, Attorney General Eric Holder admitted last week that there is still a chance charges will be filed against the employees at fault.

Does this sound like there wasn’t even a “smidgen of corruption?”

No. All evidence suggests that there was a pretty sizeable amount of corruption. Either the President is too stupid to realize that, or he is lying to the American people because he’s convinced he’ll be able to cover it up!

Force Congress to finally put an end to the Obama administration targeting conservatives!

It takes a lot of confidence to tell the American people there is no corruption when a criminal investigation is ongoing. Typically, the White House refuses to comment when there is an open investigation into a matter. Yet, Obama broke protocol and promised that there wasn’t even a “smidgen” of corruption…

The IRS is an agency that will stop at nothing to ruin people’s lives. Its auditors take every opportunity to turn even a small discrepancy into crippling fines and punishments. The Internal Revenue Service’s entire culture is based off an assumption that people should pay more taxes!

The entire system is corrupt!

According to Barack Hussein Obama, we only care about the IRS targeting scandal because Fox News tells us to. Could he be any more demeaning?

No, we care about the Federal government silencing dissent because it is illegal and un-American!

Without a doubt, the IRS was complicit in targeting conservative groups. The government has absolutely no business inquiring about a group’s prayers or religious leaning, and the fact that many of these conservative organizations still have not received a tax-exempt status is an abomination!

If the IRS wasn’t specifically targeting conservative groups and was just doing its due diligence, why is it that these organizations continue to wait for a simple ruling to authorize their tax-exempt status?

There is a war on conservatism being waged in the Obama administration. While it might not have started in the IRS, it certainly ended up there!

Force Congress to finally put an end to the Obama administration targeting conservatives!

By all measures, the IRS has performed poorly. To deliberately target opposition voices violates the trust of the American people.

Almost everyone agrees that the IRS and its employees should be punished for targeting conservatives. Those responsible should be punished, not allowed to retire with full benefits! And until the investigation is closed, no one should receive a bonus.

Between 2009 and 2012, the IRS paid $42,000 in bonuses to Lois Lerner for a ‘job well done.’ Essentially, the IRS was rewarding her for going after conservatives! The sequester put an end to this practice of bonuses, however IRS has just reinstated the program!

In 2014, $62.5 million will be given out as bonuses to IRS employees.

I guess this is how the Obama administration deals with a scandal… Remember when Obama stood before the American people and promised to hold the IRS “fully accountable” for targeting conservative groups? Well, it seems he misspoke, because now IRS employees are being rewarded!

How did this happen? How did we reach a point in this country where people are actually rewarded for abusing the power of their office to target their opposition?

We reached this point systematically. Over the course of many years, this abuse of power has slowly infected government because we have allowed it to. We have sat quietly and allowed this to happen for far too long.

The time has come to take a stand and force Congress to defend the American people from a tyrannical administration hell bent on silencing the opposition!

Force Congress to finally put an end to the Obama administration targeting conservatives!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily