Fellow Conservative,

This is how it starts. This is exactly how it starts.

The Senate Judiciary Committee sent Obama a letter expressing their discontent and explaining that they would not be holding hearings on his Supreme Court nominee.

That should be the end of the story. We got them to hold the line. That should be the end.

But no… After news broke that Barack Obama was vetting Republican Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval for the Supreme Court vacancy, all of a sudden these RINOs want to have a meeting with the President to “talk it over.”

Nothing good can come from this meeting. Nothing good at all.

The GOP’s resolve is falling apart! Don’t let them meet with Obama and cave in to his Supreme Court demands!

In 1987, the New York Times Editorial Board came out and encouraged the Democrats to block any of Ronald Reagan’s Supreme Court nominations in the last year of his Presidency because the “people had spoken” and given the Democrats control of the Senate.

In 1992, without a vacancy and completely unprovoked, then-Senator Joe Biden declared that it should be the policy of the Democrat party to reject any of George H.W. Bush’s Supreme Court nominations until a new President was elected.

In 2007, almost a year and a half before George W Bush’s Presidency was up, Senator Chuck Schumer declared that he would filibuster any Supreme Court nomination made by the President to fill a vacancy.

Democrat Senators actually did filibuster George W. Bush’s final Supreme Court nomination. There were 25 Democrats on the filibuster, but they included Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Chuck Schumer, and Harry Reid.

So the Democrats are completely full of it when they say the GOP’s current actions are unprecedented. They advocated the same exact thing during the final years of the past three Republican Presidents.

Up until now, the Republicans have talked a good game. They’ve said everything they’ve needed to. They sent the White House a signed letter detailing that no hearings would be held. That should have been the end of it.

But now they’re meeting to hear the President out. He’s considering nominating a Republican moderate to the bench so instead of holding firm and waiting it out for a true Conservative nominee, these so-called Republicans might actually cave in and accept this!

Not on your watch! FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND they stop this traitorous meeting from ever happening! No surrender!

This CANNOT be allowed to happen. Under no circumstances can President Obama’s nominee be given a vote in either the Judiciary Committee or on the Senate Floor.

There is simply too much at stake to let the Republican establishment cave on this. They’ve caved on immigration; they’ve caved on gun control. Not this time!

If Obama’s willing to nominate a Republican to the Supreme Court, you can be sure there’s a catch. And the GOP are just stupid enough to fall for it!

Don’t let these RINOs surrender to Obama! Force Congress to intervene and cancel this horrible meeting before the RINOs on the Judiciary Committee cave in and agree to hold hearings!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily