Dear American,

By now, we all know the story of how the IRS illegally targeted Conservative non-profit groups.

Lois Lerner, the IRS bureaucrat at the heart of the scandal, is on record deliberately targeting these groups. The emails that are available prove that she was collaborating with the FEC and DOJ to go after the President’s opponents.

The vast majority of the evidence proving Lois Lerner’s guilt, however, was destroyed in an alleged “computer crash.”

Well, that was the story that the IRS originally told. Then, they changed their tune and said that the hard-drive was crashed and the data was unrecoverable. Then that turned out to be a lie as IRS technicians testified that they could have recovered the emails, but the IRS chose to incinerate the hard-drive instead. Technicians recounted that the hard-drive has deep gashes in concentric circles, something that was likely handmade and definitely recoverable.

But despite all the evidence, the IRS has always asserted that the emails and data on the hard-drives were lost forever. They claimed that there was absolutely nothing they could do to recover the evidence that Lois Lerner broke the law.

In new bombshell testimony, the IRS’ story has now been debunked and proven to be a COMPLETE LIE!

The IRS has been caught lying to us! Demand that Congress ARREST Lois Lerner and every IRS Bureaucrat behind this cover-up!

A Department of Justice attorney told Judicial Watch, a watchdog organization, late last week that Lois Lerner’s emails still exist.

Every keystroke on every government computer is recorded. This is done in case of some catastrophic catastrophe so that government can survive, even when the physical computer systems are destroyed.

This central backup system, which is highly confidential, apparently records EVERYTHING. The only problem is that the data isn’t categorized. It is just archived by its date stamp. This means that there is no easy way to go through the backups and find a specific document.

So when the IRS said that it couldn’t recover Lois Lerner’s emails, that was a complete lie. The IRS has the power to recover everything Lois Lerner ever wrote on her computer… but the tax agency believes it will take too long so it isn’t going to even bother!

That’s right… the IRS has the power and ability to recover all of Lois Lerner’s emails and documents, but has lied in testimony before Congress and a Federal Judge, claiming that recovery was physically impossible.

This is an agency that is supposed to be neutral. Instead, we have entire departments within the IRS that made it their goal to disqualify as many Conservative, opposition non-profit groups as possible. They did this during an election year, which meant that these groups weren’t able to participate fully in the 2012 election!

And now, after more than a year of the IRS stonewalling Congress and claiming the emails were unrecoverable, everything that the Obama administration has told Congress had been proven to be a lie!

The IRS didn’t just lie once… they have lied CONTINUOUSLY to the American people, and Congress MUST hold these Obama bureaucrats accountable!

We now know, without a doubt, that Lois Lerner’s emails and files are backed-up. Now it is time for Congress to use its powers to force the IRS to hand over the documents and force the administration to appoint a special prosecutor!

The IRS has been caught lying to us! Demand that Congress ARREST Lois Lerner and every IRS Bureaucrat behind this cover-up!

This ends NOW! The Obama administration has gotten away with hiding evidence and lying to the American people for far too long. The IRS has deliberately misled Congress and withheld evidence, both of which are crimes!

If the emails are accessible, the only reason to lie to Congress is if the IRS has something to hide.

These criminals deserve to be dragged out of their offices in handcuffs. Congress has the power to arrest these liars and we must DEMAND that they do so immediately!

The IRS has been caught lying to us! Demand that Congress ARREST Lois Lerner and every IRS Bureaucrat behind this cover-up!

This is the last straw,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily