Fellow Conservative,

Hillary Clinton is going to prison. This is now getting out of control.

One of the ways that Congress protects against executive tyranny is through the creation of “Inspectors General.” They operate just far enough outside to not be controlled by the people they are charged with investigating.

We have known for months that Hillary Clinton “negligently handled” classified information. What we didn’t know is that her non-secure email server housed files that were above Top Secret.

Files on Hillary’s server were marked Top Secret/Special Access Program. The Special Access Program contains the nation’s most classified information and is accessible only to a limited number of people. This is information that, if stolen or leaked, could lead to war.

Just this week, Hillary herself proclaimed that no one is too big to jail. Let’s take her up on that challenge!

Enough is enough! FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND a Special Prosecutor to throw Hillary Clinton behind bars for good!

The information that was on Hillary Clinton’s server was so classified that the Inspector General actually wasn’t originally allowed to see what it was. Think about this. We are talking about national secrets that are so safeguarded that the intelligence agency’s own inspector general needed to petition for the right to read it.

This is how serious this is. We are talking about a select few in Executive Branch who have a security clearance high enough to access this classified information. And here we have Hillary Clinton storing the files on a non-secure private email server that literally anyone could have accessed.

If an intern had done this, he or she would already be in prison and facing a 10 year sentence. But because this is Hillary Clinton, the Democrat frontrunner, the Department of Justice is refraining from filing charges.

They are protecting her.

Luckily, the law and the Constitution allow for Congress to act when there is a clear conflict of interest like this. They have the power to appoint a Special Prosecutor whenever the DoJ proves unable or unwilling to perform its prosecutorial duties.

With just one vote, Congress could appoint a Special Prosecutor. But many of them are scared. People who cross the Clintons have been known to suffer “accidents.”

It is up to you, as a constituent, to put the fear of God into Congress. FaxBlast and DEMAND that they appoint a Special Prosecutor immediately!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily