I never thought I would see this. I never thought I would see the GOP establishment stoop so low as to actually team up with Democrats to prevent the border from being secured. But that is exactly what happened.

President Trump told Congress that he would veto any budget bill that reached his desk without border wall funding. For the record, he was asking for one billion to upgrade existing fencing and build an additional 60 miles of wall. Not a huge ask.

Trump told Congress that he would let the government shutdown if the border wall was not funded.

Now, in a situation like this, you’d expect the Republican Speaker of the House to whip up the necessary votes. Ryan promised to build a wall/fence, after all. He campaigned for Vice President on a promise to secure the border.

What we got is the opposite. We got a strategy right out of the John Boehner playbook. Instead of pressuring Democrats to move right to get a budget bill passed, he is moving the entire Republican Caucus to the left!

It’s slipping away! Send your message to Congress and promise that you will remove from office anyone who votes against border wall funding this week!

I want to be really clear: Next year is an election year. Nothing ever gets done in an election year.

If turncoat Republicans are too afraid to fund a border wall now, how do you think they’ll act once they see their name on the ballot?

No, the time to force this through is right now. Now is the only time…

President Trump used his leverage. He threatened to shut down the government. What we learned is that Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are apparently willing to let the government shut down to kill the secure border agenda.

The media is out today trying to convince the American people that President Trump has abandoned the border wall and that it will not happen.

Trump put out a very simple response message on Twitter this morning:

“Don’t let the fake media tell you that I have changed my position on the wall. It will get built and help stop drugs, human trafficking, etc.”

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have proven that they don’t fear the President. If this wall is going to get built, they need to be reminded how much they fear YOU!

Time to double down. Tell Congress right now – in no uncertain terms – that you will remove from office anyone who votes against border wall funding this week!

The President hasn’t given up. Now, he is calling on you to put real pressure on Congress and the Republican leadership.

That is what it is going to take. It is going to take millions of like-minded patriots reminding Ryan and co. who pays their paychecks and who keeps re-electing them. That is the only thing that is going to work.

Even the President threatening a government shutdown wasn’t enough to convince these RINOs to abandon their liberal agendas…

Draw your line in the sand! Tell Congress that a vote against the border wall this week is tantamount to political suicide!