Everyone can feel The State escalating its political persecution of ideological enemies. 

Quoting from the Daily Signal on Tuesday, even presidential historians are alarmed:

“‘This has never been done before with a president or former president in American history… This is without a doubt one of the biggest days in American history. You can’t minimize it.’ he continued, ‘No president, not even Richard Nixon, did this to political enemies.’ He noted that  Abraham Lincoln took extraordinary measures during the Civil War and John Adams abused the Constitution by pushing through the Alien and Sedition Acts. This move, however, could be more problematic as the Biden administration potentially is attempting to prosecute a past and future political rival.” Craig Shirley, Presidential Historian

Get your legislators on record today – fax them, then call them, and make them hear you!

Historically, historians are apolitical, servants of our America progeny that document modernity for future examination. However, since Shirley is speaking out against the moves of The State, I am sure they will soon reframe the accomplished author and c-span contributor as a far right extremist.

We are watching them reshape the world before our eyes. In 2016, prior to Trump’s inauguration, none of us could have imagined our current America. In my Tea Party marching days, I never foresaw such apathy from Americans, such detachment from and disinterest about their oppressors. 

I never imagined we’d let it get this far.

In every historical genocide, the subjugated populace feared their oppressors so strongly that they allowed atrocities to occur all around them. How many times in your studies did you ask, “Why didn’t the people rise up before it was too late?

Nazis, Comrades – authoritarians go by many names. But they’re the same in that they subjugate their populations through fear. We see and feel it now. 

It only ends when we end it

Demand They Go On Record – Demand Your Legislators Make a Stand for the Bill of Rights!

As we discussed yesterday, the Bill of Rights is an antique that sits on a shelf, forgotten by those meant to preserve her. Americans brave enough to exercise those sacred rights fear becoming targets by the establishment whose salaries we pay. Targets that are fired upon frequently. Just ask 45.

But the man who never gives up cannot be defeated. With every attack, every lie-wrapped bullet that finds its mark, we get stronger. Our skin thickens. And we see them more clearly for who they truly are:

Authoritarians desperate to maintain their power but doomed to failure as the unsuccessful villains of America’s darkest hour.

We are winning, but our victory requires all of us to get in the gap. 

The raid on Mar-a-Lago is a significant escalation by The State. But it’s just the latest in a long line of escalations, as the The State has violated at least nine out of 10 of our protected, inalienable rights. 

As they continue to escalate their oppression and subjugation of the American people, it is our duty to become ungovernable. That begins by refusing to remain silent. 

Standing in the gap isn’t easy. There’s a reason there’s a gap. But it’s our duty to keep the world from plunging into darkness. 

Fax your legislators today and remind them of their oath! Demand they go on record or resign in disgrace.

Here is today’s letter to Congress. Customize and send to your legislators. Use Your Voice!

We haven’t yet heard your statement denouncing the Biden regime’s weaponization of the federal government against American citizens. 

We’ve heard lots of noise and rhetoric from lots of chattery legislators, but we haven’t heard that. 

You have violated every right enshrined in the Bill of Rights. After swearing an oath to protect and defend those rights, you violated them. In doing so, you violated The People.

Still, you remain silent. 

All we’ve asked is for a statement confirming your oath to protect and defend the Bill of Rights. You promised to protect our rights on the campaign trail. You swore an oath to protect them when assuming office. But then you took your seat and all those promises were forgotten. 

You’re just like the rest. Consider:

  1. Speech, assembly, movement, and religious crimes are on the books across the nation.
  2. Nationwide disarmament is US government policy.
  3. Quartering soldiers – we assume this is coming soon and are placing bets on their nationality and hat color (my money is on powder blue).
  4. Unlawful searches and seizures happen every day, most recently on the former President.
  5. Cruel and unusual punishments – like refusing cancer treatment to J6 political prisoners – are accepted, and the government never fully compensates its victims.
  6. Trials for The State’s political enemies are slow and obstructed.
  7. Common law is now subjective and asymmetrical – justice is uncommon.
  8. Excessive bail is the norm for political enemies of The State
  9. No rights remain for individuals – The State dictates every aspect of our lives.
  10. State’s rights are under continued attack by the federal government, as we saw most recently with Roe. 

How are We the People to hold our government accountable, when our government continually changes the rules for ordinary Americans while giving themselves and their friends extraordinary leniency and a separate set of rules?

Which of our rights remain? Where can we go that The State won’t follow? How have you redefined Liberty to rationalize such violations of your sacred oath? 

We are waiting for you to go on the record about the Bill of Rights. We deserve and demand to know how you are going to redress the long list of grievances that have arisen from your failure to honor your oath and protect our rights. 

If you remain silent, we will assume you are supportive and willfully violating your oath. 

If you remain silent, you will make clear that you are our enemy. 

We don’t want to hear empty rhetoric and unfulfilled promises. We demand to know what you’re going to do to set this right. 

Remember your oath, and go on the record today. If you cannot, then resign in disgrace for failure to achieve the objections for which you were hired. 

Fax your legislators today and remind them of their oath! Demand they go on record or resign in disgrace.