Trump has been "investigated" for months. Even now, the only crimes that we have evidence of are (1) the illegal leaks and (2) the fact that Trump associates were illegally "unmasked" in intelligence reports.

Here in the United States, the Federal government needs a warrant before they can spy on an American. However, there is no such requirement for spying on foreign individuals. 

We know that the Obama administration tried to get a warrant to spy on Donald Trump and his aides, but the judge turned them down. So what did they do? They listened in every time the Donald Trump or his aides spoke over the phone to someone overseas, including during the Presidential transition period.

But the Constitution can be a pesky thing. Even with this loophole, the intelligence agencies are required to keep Americans' names classified. That's where Susan Rice came in. She ordered transcripts of Trump calls to be "unmasked," meaning that she bypassed the 4th Amendment's protections entirely.

Congress has subpoenaed these records. Civilian watchdog organizations have filed lawsuits demanding that the records be made public.

Yesterday, we learned that would not be happening.

Just before leaving office, President Obama had all of these records transferred to his presidential library. Once there, the documents are placed under lock and key for five years. Congress can't get them. The American people can't get them. And the Obama officials who violated the law and Constitution get to skate...

Don't let Obama hide this damning evidence in his presidential library! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to subpoena and seize all of the Susan Rice unmasking documents!

The Obama administration was running an illegal political surveillance scheme on Donald Trump and his team. They violated the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution and spied on the Trump transition team without a warrant. Then, when they needed to use this information for political purposes, Susan Rice - of Benghazi infamy - decided to unmask the Trump officials and spread it throughout government.

And now the Obamas think they can get away with all of this by hiding behind the Presidential Records Act. Under US law, all Presidential records are sealed for a minimum of five years as soon as a presidential library takes posession of them. This obscure law is all that is keeping the Obamas out of jail. Only Congress can intervene. They wrote the law, only they can change it. And only you can force Congress to act!

We've never been closer to blowing this entire case open. The House and Senate are calling Susan Rice in to testify. But without these papers, she can say whatever she wants and we won't be able to prove she is lying.

The documents that the Obamas are hiding in their presidential library are the key to this entire thing!

Again, this is the only crime that we actually know was committed. The Democrats are desperately trying to distract away from it because they know that if everything we know from reports turns out to be true, someone from the Obama administration is going to prison. The only question is who...

The Obamas know all the loopholes. They know all the technicalities. They rushed these documents to their presidential library knowing that would put them out of reach from the public for at least five years.

Congress passed the provision the Obamas are hiding behind. Only they can remove it and only YOU can force them to!

Don't let Obama and Rice hide the evidence of their crimes! Send your instantly delivered FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they subpoena and seize all of the unmasking records in the Obama presidential library!

Don't stop fighting,