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For days, the establishment has been setting the narrative that Trump will be indicted this week by a Manhattan grand jury. 

The NY State is expected to bring charges against Trump for falsifying business records. Allegedly, he made “hush money payments” to Stormy Daniels that he then reimbursed disgraced attorney Michael Cohen through the Trump Organization, labeling the charges as “legal fees.” In New York, this action, if true, could result in a felony if the records were falsified to cover up a crime. The statute of limitations is two years, and it has already passed. 

If the grand jury votes to indict Trump, it will be filed under seal. That means it won’t be made public until Trump’s arraignment in court – unless another leak comes out of the Manhattan district attorney office. Which, let’s be honest, is likely. 

This is unprecedented, and if we are going to start dragging former presidents into court, then we have actual crimes to address with Clinton, Bush, and Obama. Even Jimmy Carter has more to answer for than Trump. 

Federal prosecutors declined to bring charges in the same case. This is political persecution, and Trump has announced as a candidate for President. He is the front runner. 

This is election interference. 

Bring the NY criminals before the Judiciary Committees and get some answers. The American people are finished with the Weaponization of law enforcement. 

Remember your oath.