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It's Valentines Day and for the second year in a row, many innocent-until-proven-guilty Americans are being kept from their loved ones. 

In December 2021, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green delivered "Unusually Cruel: An Eyewitness Report from Inside the DC Jail." The report details the egregious human rights violations of the January 6 political hostages -- many of them are being held pretrial and should be considered political hostages, not prisoners. 

This was nearly a year after, on January 15, 2021, US Marine and Independent Journalist Bob Powell delivered exculpatory evidence for the J6 prisoners to all of you in Congress.

Several of you were given the information in person, given thumb drives with video evidence that proves federal agents incited and committed the violence blamed on many of the J6 prisoners. All of you who were in Congress during the last session received the report from Congresswoman Green.

What have you done with that evidence? Nothing.

In a stunning text exchange with W. Kirk Bell, former Chief of Staff to Congressman Pete Sessions (R, TX-17), Powell asks what became of the evidence he turned over, and Bell effectively admits to playing politics with the lives of January 6 prisoners. “We are keeping our powder dry until after November,” Bell responded. “No use putting anything out there currently.” No use? 

Political expediency is your reason for not helping the hundreds of Americans being held illegally, without due process and having their rights violated on a daily basis. 

These Americans are innocent until proven guilty, and they are being denied visitation, even video visitation, due to their vaccination status. Some of them agreed to be vaccinated in order to get video visitation, only to still be denied visitation after getting vaccinated. They are held in solitary confinement for months at a time (psychological torture). One prisoner even had to use a staple to drain an abscess in his mouth because the J6 prisoners are being denied medical care. 

America doesn’t even treat enemies this badly, but these American patriots are living this nightmare every day – all due to the lie that they incited violence on that day. 

I want to know why you have suppressed exculpatory evidence for the January 6 prisoners. I want to know what you, as a federal legislator, have done to preserve their rights and prevent against cruel and unusual punishments. After all, you swore an oath to do just that. 

Combined with the 14,000 hours you've promised to release, you must immediately demand the release of the January 6 defendants. 

Remember your oath.