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It’s the final month of the year, the season of joy and wonder and magic. Each of you in Congress is as unique and inimitable as a snowflake, so your plans for this time of year are sure to be just as diverse. Still, given your station, your upcoming retreats will have a few things in common. For example:

You and your families won’t be hungry. You will have abundant food and likely waste much of what you don’t consume. 

You won’t have to choose between paying the rent or the heat or buying the presents. Of course, you’ll also have the decorations and ceremonial meals and all the trappings and excesses. Your childrens’ faces will beam joy at their blessings.

You won’t have to moonlight in the peak hours for the double pay. No, you don’t need to turn up until sometime in January. You might even nap. 

There is a growing divide between the ruling elite and free Americans. That chasm has never been more visible than during this time of massive spending and massive inflation and more spending and bankruptcies and closing businesses and deaths by despair. 

Since this is the season where Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, consider a moment from His life and ministry. In the modern portrayal of The Chosen, Jesus calls Matthew to follow Him. Simon objects because Matthew, a tax collector, was considered an agent of the oppressive Roman government and viewed as a traitor to the Jewish people. He was ruling elite.

“Do you have any idea what this guy has done?” Simon protests. “Do you even know him?” 

Jesus simply says, “Yes.”

“I don’t get it,” Simon says.

“You didn’t get it when I chose you either,” said Jesus.

Simon protested, “But this is different!” 

Jesus replied, “Get used to different.

DEMAND FOR REMEDY: You swore an oath to protect, preserve, and defend our natural rights. Reconcile that with your intentions and actions.

In our pursuit to reclaim our Republic and our Freedom, we are 100 percent committed to nonviolent action; still, make no mistake, we are committed to action. 

We won’t be silenced or intimidated. We are watching and listening. We are considering and determining the value of our investment in this iteration of our self-governance. And we will restore our Republic.


Happy December!