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Out here in the real world, your talking points on inflation and the economy are viewed as out of touch and condescending. 

This time two years ago, as the globalists implemented the pandemic phase of the Great Reset, American shelves were empty across the nation for the first time in generations. Shelves are once again empty, this time not because of government-encouraged panic buying, but because of failed central planning, government incompetence, and repeated, manufactured crises. The term “eggpocalypse” is now being used unironically. 

Want vs. Need is more realized by Americans in 2023 than at any point in the past 40 years. 

Remember the baby formula crisis that was created by the federal government’s interference in the manufacturing of baby formula? It’s a tale as old as time, and if you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got. 

Like the crises that came before, the current supply chain crisis is directly related to the Biden Administration’s energy policy. Energy fuels the supply chain. Energy independence was ours, finally, under President Trump. Then, upon illegitimately assuming office, Joe Biden swiftly, with just the stroke of a pen, reversed America’s energy independence and made us, once again, dependent on foreign oil. 

As a result, our economy is held hostage to the whims of foreign dictators that hate America and Americans and literally want to destroy western influence in the world. 

One must wonder why an American President would (immediately upon assuming office) take actions that put the American People in that position, but that’s a question for the coming tribunals.

In this, you must serve as a check and balance against anti-American, unilateral, executive fiats. You must act to restrict the tyrannical power that executive orders breed in American Presidents – of both parties, for a very long time. 

We must return to governance that represents Americans and puts them first. That’s the oath, and if you swore that oath, you’re duty bound to get on board with an American Restoration. 

The 118th Congress can lead the way.