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During the 2020 Presidential Campaign and the first two years of Biden’s time in office, many stories about corruption and “Hunter Biden’s Foreign Business Dealings” have been reported. 

The establishment – including government, media, and law enforcement – have turned a blind eye or wholly denied the reporting, gaslighting the American People that there is no story here and that the news is just “Republicans pouncing.”

Now that Republicans have reclaimed the House of Representatives, the House Oversight Committee has obtained Biden family financials and, it turns out, the reporting was remarkably accurate. 

According to a Twitter thread from the House Oversight Committee on March 16, the investigative body’s analysis has revealed:

  • On March 1, 2017 – less than two months after VP Joe Biden left public office – Robinson Walker, LLC received a $3 million wire from State Energy HK Limited, a Chinese company. 

  • Robinson Walker, LLC then wired $1,065,000 to a company associated with James Gilliar.

  • James Gilliar was a business partner of Hunter Biden & was involved in foreign transactions with the Biden family 

  • Afterwards, Biden family members & their companies began receiving incremental payments over a period of approximately three months.

  • The total money transferred adds up to $1,065,692. 

After four years of investigations, where bipartisan legislators shouted from the rooftops that they were opposed to influence peddling and money-laundering when it came to President Trump, why are legislators so uninterested in the overwhelming evidence of Biden family corruption?

I am grateful to the House Oversight Committee for their investigation. I want to see accountability.