Biden Impeachment! We DEMAND Action! The Impeachment Inquiry Must Not Become a Mere Charade!
Wednesday, the House voted to formalize its impeachment inquiry into President Biden. This is crucial because it will compel the White House to comply with the ongoing investigation into Biden. Now that the impeachment inquiry is formalized, we, the people, demand to be heard! The American people know that Biden is a corrupt, money and power-hungry figure who not only should be impeached based on mountains of evidence, but must be impeached. We know that his family is fraudulent – that they are puppets, criminals, and treasonous traitors! Congress, do not use this newfound formal impeachment inquiry as a show to temporarily subdue the masses! We demand action! We demand a thorough and timely investigation and a prompt impeachment of Joe Biden!
So, the impeachment inquiry into Biden is formalized! What does this mean, and what does it demand of different players throughout our government?
When the impeachment inquiry of Joe Biden was yet to be formalized, the White House continuously sought to block key testimony from current and former White House staff. It also withheld thousands of records from Joe Biden’s time as Vice President. This actively prevented Biden from being held accountable for his lies, corruption, and obstruction.
What are these lies?
As a recap, whistleblower Devon Archer has testified that Joe Biden was the figurehead being peddled to foreign businesses – he was frequently put on speakerphone with them multiple times. Joe lied about his knowledge of Hunter Biden's business dealings, including receiving money from China, which we know is untrue; he was aware of it. Now revealed by bank records, Hunter Biden's Chinese business partners sent $250,000 to Joe Biden's Delaware home in 2019. Bank records demonstrate that Biden family members and associates received up to $50 million from foreign countries, all funneled through other companies to evade taxes.
That's not all; Biden has also been in cahoots with the FBI to censor American voices on social media, partially about the Hunter Biden case.
Biden released a statement following the formalization of his impeachment inquiry, placing blame on the GOP for not helping him address the ongoing crisis the nation is facing, like the southern border, which Biden claims he is trying to “address.”
Give me a break! On top of tax evasion, abuse of power, treason, and much more, Biden has the audacity to say he's trying to address the crises our nation is facing like the Southern Border? The Southern Border he ordered to remain open, that is still open?! Impeach Biden!
As Congress moves forward in their now formalized impeachment inquiry, the people must make their voices heard and their demands clear! The severity of the allegations demands a thorough and expeditious investigation that leaves no stone unturned. Congress, it is your duty to ensure that this process serves the best interests of the American people - Impeach Biden!
Furthermore, We the People insist that this inquiry addresses the urgent issues facing our nation, including the crisis at the southern border, the mistreatment of J6 political prisoners, and the alarming concerns surrounding fraudulent voting machines. These critical matters cannot be brushed aside or buried under the weight of political posturing.
Make it known to Congress that we demand they use their influence to demand a genuine, unapologetically transparent, and rapid investigation. The American people deserve nothing less than the truth, and we expect our Representatives to act with the urgency and seriousness that this situation demands.