Unacceptable BETRAYAL: Demand for The Immediate Repeal of the FISA Extension! Stop SPYING On Us!
Two weeks ago, Wray met with the Senate Judiciary Committee to advocate that Congress reauthorizes warrantless surveillance powers for the intelligence community without the need to secure a court-issued warrant to review information on Americans swept up in the process – a clear undermining of the Fourth Amendment. Any act, like FISA, that undermines our rights must be REPEALED, REFORMED, or SCRAPPED!
Section 702 of FISA was on the brink of expiration, presenting a golden opportunity to reassess and correct the egregious overreach of a program designed to monitor the communications of foreign nationals. Instead, with a collective lack of foresight, Congress opted to prolong the FBI's ability to conduct warrantless surveillance on communications between Americans and foreign nationals. A blatant violation of the Fourth Amendment that is a slap in the face to every citizen who expects their elected representatives to prioritize their constitutional rights.
Congress, with an astounding 310-118 vote, approved a short-term extension of the FBI’s warrantless surveillance powers, pushing decisions of how to reform the law until April of next year. That means the FBI can continue to use the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to warrantlessly and unlawfully spy on American citizens until mid-April 2024.
Before the extension of FISA, Senator Mike Lee (R., Utah) and other lawmakers, representing both sides of the aisle, raised their voices in objection, signing a letter that emphasized the urgency of reforming FISA. Senator Lee rightly argued that Congress should act responsibly, protecting the civil rights of American citizens. Yet, here we are, with no reforms in sight, and a spineless Congress content to shove the matter under the rug until next year!
The liberties and rights of American citizens were tossed aside like inconveniences in the rush to pass an act that brazenly infringes on our Fourth Amendment right. We must demand that our elected officials launch an investigation into why essential reforms were not implemented before the extension of FISA. Our rights matter RIGHT NOW, and the excuse of waiting until April for FISA to be reformed to protect Americans' liberties is an insult to every citizen.
Congress is duty-bound to defend the liberties and rights of the American people. With the extension of FISA, they have collectively failed to uphold their oath and have proven to be derelict in their duties. WE the People demand that Congress take a stand on the right side of history by championing the immediate repeal of the extension of FISA. Our Fourth Amendment rights must be defended, and the extension of FISA must be REPEALED NOW.