Details continue to emerge about the Fourth Amendment violations of Mike Lindell, and Brian Lupo at The Gateway Pundit has obtained the warrant. 

In an article released this morning, Lupo reports

"Yesterday, The Gateway Pundit reported that Mike Lindell was raided by the FBI and they seized his phone.  We learned from his podcast on FrankSpeech that the FBI was likely tracking him all day as they arrested him far from his home on a hunting trip.  Agents surrounded his car in a Hardee’s drive-thru and demanded he hand over his phone.  Mike pleaded that he uses his phone to run five companies, all major corporations, including MyPillow and MyStore.  He told agents he does not have a computer and that his entire life is on that phone.  He told the agents that his phone controls his hearing aids.  Mike told the agents that all of the Dominion stuff is posted to his website and there’s no need to take his phone.  He is encouraging them to look at the evidence!

Now we also know how they justified this totalitarian warrant:  Identity Theft.  And 'destruction of a protected computer' and “conspiracy to commit” the two 'crimes.'  'Conspiracy' is one of those charges that they use to justify essentially anything they’d want with loose evidence at best."

The raid appears connected to the Tina Peters case in Mesa County, Colorado. Lindell has been a strong champion of Peters, who faces multiple felony indictments for imaging the Dominion machines in her county last year. The premise of "identity theft" in the warrant suggests that the warrant is related to the alleged use of Jerry Woods' credentials in obtaining the images. 

It's hard to imagine that Mike Lindell had any role in the imaging of the machines, which took place months before his August 2021 Cyber Symposium. It's not hard to imagine that the Biden DOJ is engaged in a political witch hunt to neutralizes anyone who effectively opposes their reign of terror.

We will continue to bring you details as they emerge.