One the first things Biden* did after taking office was to suspend all border wall construction. Contractors were forced to walk off the job and leave entire sections of the border wall unfinished. He also signed an order rescinding the Trump Emergency Declaration. Biden said that the border wall was immoral.

What followed was predictable. Illegal aliens began surging the border. Right now, at this very moment, there are almost 7x as many illegal alien children in "cages" as there ever were during the Trump administration. Biden promised to "restore the soul of our nation" but he now has 18,000 illegal alien children corralled in detention facilities with no beds and minimal access to basic hygiene, like showers. When AOC staged her fake crying photo op at the detention facility, there were no more than 2,600 illegal alien children being detained. Notice how she isn't crying now...

Border Patrol recently apprehended two Yemeni illegal aliens on the terror watch list. The Biden administration forced them to take down the press release, but the internet is forever... 

DHS now estimates that at least 1.2 million illegal aliens will be apprehended at the border this fiscal year. Other experts are warning that more than 2 million illegals will storm across the border.

To put it simply, the border is in total chaos. Even our northern border with Canada is seeing a surge in illegal crossings, now that the entire world knows if they can step foot on US soil, Biden will let them stay...

So you can imagine my surprise when DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas admitted to employees that the Biden administration is preparing to restart border wall construction...

Finish the Wall! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to approve border wall funding and force the government to finish the wall!

Mayorkas told DHS employees that the administration is preparing to resume construction in "areas of the wall that need renovation, particular projects that need to be finished." Specifically, he mentioned that the administration will have to fill the "gaps" that were created in the border wall when Biden, unilaterally and without any true deliberation, suspended all wall construction.

When Biden ordered the construction to stop, there were huge gaps left in the border wall. This meant that illegal aliens didn't even need to climb over the wall. They just have to walk a mile or two to the end of the wall, and then just walk through the gap and onto US soil.

The Biden administration is admitting that the border wall project was necessary. When we are facing caravans of tens of thousands of people, all trying to cross at once, only a border wall can stop the invasion.

Biden played games with our national security. He suspended the border wall construction to score political points with the hard left. Now that the border is being overrun, the administration is admitting they will need to restart some construction.

But that is the key here. They are only going to restart some of the border wall project and only in some of the border sectors. The same leftists who caused this crisis now want to be trusted with deciding how many miles of border wall are necessary to fix it.

No. They need to finish the entire border wall!

Finish the Wall! Please, send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to approve border wall funding and force the government to finish the wall!

In 2004, Congress passed the Secure Fence Act, authorizing border fence/wall construction. But the bill never mandated that the wall actually be built. The legislation gave the Executive Branch authority to build the wall, but didn't mandate how many miles would have to be built. As a result, George W. Bush and Barack Obama did the bare minimum. They erected border "barriers," but most were little more than speedbumps...

Now, Joe Biden wants to do the same. His administration is admitting the border wall is necessarily, and tacitly admitting that this crisis was caused by Biden's decision to shut down construction. But they are only going to allow some construction to fill gaps and repair existing fencing. 

Enough of the political games. Enough of leftist politicians putting the wants of illegal aliens ahead of the needs of Americans.

Congress must require the full completion of the border wall project and it is up to YOU to demand it!

Build. That. Wall.

Max McGuire

Conservative Daily