The idea of "meat' grown in a lab is more than off putting, it's suspect. Nature has turned sunlight into grass and plants for animals consume and survive and humans have consumed and survived independantly using natural systems for tens, if not hundred of thousands of years. Changing the way humans eat and making them dependant on comanies who do NOT have their best interest at heart, whose only concern is the bottom line is unethical.
There are thos who are excited at the prospect of partaking in lab grown "meat'. Therefore, created food like products must be labeled as such so that individuals who do not want to partake in this food like subtsnace can aviod it. The current model of adding this food like substance to the general food supply is unethical.
"Fixing" a percieved problem using this technology may have unintended consequences or issues beyond our current comprehension. Consumers, unaware of what they are purchasing at the store have raised concerns and demonstrated disgust in the products they're bringng home from the grocery store.