Impeach FBI Director Christopher Wray For Lying Under Oath and Violations of the First Amendment
Their testamony revealed FBI Director Christopher Wray lied under oath during his previous testimony to Congress, where he was answering allegations of FBI media suppression and the bureau's involvement in the Hunter Biden investigation.
In previous Congressional Hearings, FBI Director Christopher Wray was questioned about the "federal court ruling detailing the bureau's suppression of conservative free speech related to the Hunter Biden laptop story, COVID-19 origins, and other subjects discussed by Americans on social media."
Wray evaded questions surrounding the FBI's involvement in the Hunter Biden investigation and its role in media suppression. He claimed the FBI did not suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story on social media but merely "dealt with disinformation." This has been proven to be a lie, as shown in a recently released FOIA request document.
It is a mockery of our Constitution and our judicial system when individuals in positions of great power, like Wray, can infringe upon our constitutionally guaranteed right of freedom of speech under the false pretext of "countering disinformation." This is an infringement on the First Amendment and an affront to our Constitution. It is not the place of those in public service, nor is it the government's prerogative, to remove speech from social media based on claims of "disinformation." It goes against the most basic law limiting the power of any governmental entity or individual.
Wray lied to Congress and, therefore, is dishonest. For all appearances, he seems to be heavily influenced by the Biden family. He has lied to the American public, misrepresented facts before congressional members, and compromised the integrity of our judicial system. For his dishonesty, alleged corruption, and apparent disregard for our Constitutional values, he should be impeached, investigated, and removed from his position as FBI Director.
Lying under oath is an impeachable offense, and FBI Director Christopher Wray has committed that offense. However, rather than being suspended or removed from office, Wray has merely been asked to correct his previous false testimony. Is this what our government has been reduced to? Can those affiliated with the Biden family lie under oath and then simply correct their errors as if they were minor missteps? The public does not, and should not, accept this. Wray's dishonesty cannot be excused or forgotten. This is not JUSTICE! This is how 3rd world countries operate.
It is time to demand elected officials hold FBI Director Christopher Wray, and those associated with censorship of the American People and deception they exerted over the Hunter Biden laptop, accountable for their actions as they have led to a great division among the American People.
It is proven that FBI Director Christopher Wray made false statements to Congress under oath. I demand you uphold your oath to the Constitution, restore faith in our Justice System, which states that perjury is a criminal offense, especially when committed by someone in a position of power like Director Wray, and hold him accountable for those actions.